6-Step Autumn Korean Skincare Guide

6-Step Autumn Korean Skincare Guide - The Daebak Company

Signs of Autumn are everywhere. It’s time for cooler temperatures. Leaves are falling, the tantalizing smell of fall-themed drinks brewing fills the air, and earth-tone colors are back in style. Like your fashion, your skincare needs to transition with the season too. 

Here is an in-depth look at how to have the best autumn Korean skincare routine to get you ready for the best selcas. Need to know where to buy Korean beauty products online? The following items and many more can be found at daebak.co.

Autumn Korean Skincare Guide

At the beginning of Autumn, it can be hot and humid, while the end of Autumn brings about cooler temps and dryer weather. This Korean skincare guide will contain the best kbeauty skincare secrets you’ll need this season. 

Step 1 : Cleansing

P.Calm Underpore Cleanser

We have to cleanse cleanse cleanse. You want a cleanser that will clean and refresh your face while also leaving your face moisturized and soft. No oil stripping cleansers here! The best product for that is P.Calm UnderPore Foam Cleanser

This cleanser is perfect for sensitive and oily skin. Providing exfoliation, a deep clean, and gentle cleanse, this is a go-to Korean skincare product for the Fall season without stripping all those good oils.

Step 2 : Tone

Clearfit Heartleaf Toner

Autumn can be humid or dry, so the next Autumn Korean skincare product is a great toner that is lightweight but still moisturizing. Allowing you to use a product that transitions through the seasons. Tenzero’s Clearfit Heartleaf Toner is the perfect product to follow up P.Calm’s cleanser and provide your skin with exactly what it needs for Fall. 

Step 3 : Eye Cream

Snail Eye Cream

Maintaining that bright awake look calls for the best eye cream. Eye creams can help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as provide moisture to the under-eye. Preparing for Fall’s transitioning climate calls for the perfect balance. Tenzero Rich Snail Eye Cream provides moisture and ingredients to help promote plump, hydrated skin. Allowing you to maintain a glowy well-rested look.

Step 4 : Serums

O!GETi Vitamin C Mist

This step allows us to utilize kbeauty serums for our specific skincare needs. Do you need more support in helping with hyperpigmentation and dark spots? Or do you need a serum that allows your skin to receive hydration without clogging pores on hypersensitive skin? Luckily, O!GETi has a Vitamin C glow serum that meets both those needs. 

Vitamin C is great for helping reduce the pigment in dark spots and circles while also providing the skin with an antioxidant-rich moisturizer that leaves the skin looking healthy and smooth. Get O!GETi Vitamin C Glow Serum here or if you want to make sure your skin always has a glow on the go you can get the O!GETi Vitamin C Glow Serum Mist here.

Step 5 : Moisturize

Cica Soothing Gel

After treating your skin to the best Autumn Korean skincare products, you must keep your skin soft, plump, and healthy. You have to seal it with a lightweight moisturizer. This final top layer provides a final barrier to protect your skin from any dry air or harsh conditions accompanying Fall’s transitional period. 

Sweeteen’s Tartcherry CICA Soothing Gel contains the finest ingredients you could ask for in a delicate soft gel perfect for hot or dry climates. Gel moisturizers allow you to receive what your skin needs in a way that won’t feel heavy. This specific moisturizer provides a lovely cooling effect for irritated skin while also providing hydration to skin that is prone to being on the dryer side. It allows for the best of both worlds- 

Lightweight hydration without being a heavy thick cream. You’ll be surprised how healthy your skin feels and looks when you prepare it with the best Autumn Korean skincare ingredients you can find.

Step 6 : Face Mask

JM Solution’s Luminous Flower Firming Mask Rose

Lastly, since we can’t ignore the benefits of self-care, which to many of our Daebak fam, is relaxing while watching a kdrama with our favorite Korean facemask on- here’s a fantastic facemask to wind down after a busy day of sightseeing and apple picking. 

JM Solution’s Luminous Flower Firming Mask Rose is the best face mask providing relaxing ingredients contained right in the mask’s essence like lavender extract as well as hydrating properties like glycerin to leave your skin hydrated after going through the day’s rough climate. Just leave this mask on for 20 minutes and then you’ll be in awe at how fresh and hydrated your skin feels. 

Autumn is a month of transition as leaves start to fall and the hot temperatures are ushered out by the chilly temperatures of Winter on the horizon. This autumn Korean skincare guide is here to make sure that you don’t have to think twice about the best products to help your skin transition through Autumn. 

Grab a few of these kbeauty products and see just how happy your skin is to be lightly hydrated, protected, and ready to take on the new season. 


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