Top 10 Attractions at Everland Korea Theme Park You Should Try

Top 10 Attractions at Everland Korea Theme Park You Should Try - The Daebak Company

Korea is a perfect place to visit for everyone, whether it's Kpop concerts, themed cafes, stores with beautiful clothes, and other activities you can only experience in the country. For this reason, the number of renowned theme parks in Korea may surprise you! 

Some of them are Seoul Grand Park, Lotte World, and Everland Theme Park, the largest theme park in the country and the home of the world's fourth steepest wooden roller coaster? 

What is Everland Korea?

The biggest theme park in South Korea, Everland, has great rides, one-of-a-kind attractions, and of course, a magnificent zoo where everybody can enjoy a good experience with nature and animals. The park is located on the outskirts of Seoul in Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province, which takes around 2-3 hours or more to get from Seoul.

Without a doubt, this is a great location to visit if you're looking for various activities. In addition, there are ongoing celebrations such as the Summer Water Festivals, Rose Festivals, and Tulip Festivals, so even if they don't like scary coasters, it's a terrific spot for families and couples. 

An interesting fact: Coming to Everland Korea is even more exciting because of the parades held both during the day and at night.

The theme park, based on Disney World but in a much smaller size, has a ton of entertaining attractions and receives more than 7 million people each year. With those attendance figures, one can only speculate about the weekend throngs, especially during peak periods like summer vacation.

Top 10 Best Rides in Everland Korea

Everland Korea consists of five distinct theme zones, including Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, and Zootopia, all of them unmissable. Nevertheless, we want to recommend to you some of the best rides that you could find in Everland. Are you ready?

Thunder Falls

Located in the Magic Land area, be prepared for Thunder Falls and enjoy this timeless coaster's thrilling ride! The ride features the biggest drop in Korea at 20 meters, but don't be fooled by the beautiful natural scenery—there may be dips with water sprays that will take you off guard!


Everland park “ South Korea”!

♬ Back In Black - AC/DC

Robot VR

Have you ever thought of 6 people mounted on the arms of a giant robot for three-minute in a four-dimensional experience? The Robot VR allows them to rotate 360 degrees six meters above the ground! As they speed through a city on fire, shooting opponents and grinding massive rails, VR immerses players directly in action. In 2017, Samsung C&T and a local business jointly developed Robot VR, which debuted at Everland Korea amusement park.

Rolling X Train

At Everland Korea, the Rolling X-Train roller coaster is a standout attraction that deserves your attention. Enjoy this exciting and enjoyable trip that will stimulate your senses.

You must understand, though, that this isn't your typical ride. It is one of Asia's steepest roller coasters. So, relax before a difficult adventure!

Double Rock Spin

This ride will undoubtedly provide thrilling sensations because of its tremendous spin and pace. This is ideal for anyone looking for a genuine thrill since it places you on top and spins you for a few minutes.

Also, remember that this ride rotates you completely 360 degrees, so expect a heart-pumping experience with this one! You must be taller than 140 cm to enter, so be ready for a memorable spin (spin count and intensity vary based on the number of riders).

Let’s Twist

Ride the Let's Twist to keep up with the excitement. This action is more vigorous than Double Rock Spin but with more movements. The swirls and bends are rather disorienting. Prepare yourself for a spinning ride! 

T Express

The T Express, one of the greatest roller coasters in the world, is Everland Korea's most popular attraction. The wooden roller coaster has 5,000 feet of track and is around 200 feet tall. The initial drop is at a 77-degree angle. The speed and height terrify guests while providing an unparalleled burst of adrenaline.

Sky Way - Sky Cruise

Would you consider taking a scenic ride that offers a lovely perspective of the theme park? Everland is dispersed over a sizable, hilly region that requires much walking. It can be a difficult hike during harsh weathers. Navigating Everland is more straightforward with the Skyway chair lift and Sky Cruise gondola. Sky Way is undoubtedly one of your greatest options if you merely want to relax from above in Everland Korea.

The hike will make you enjoy the stunning surroundings even more! 

ARMY, do you recognize this entrance?

Kids Village

A playground where kids may experience physical, emotional, and creative development programs in four distinct themes! A location built in collaboration with Woongjin Book Club where children may study while having fun! The age range is 3 to 10 years, and tickets are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with the option to reserve by time slot and the number of users.

Safari World

Everland Korea is home to two safari rides. Visitors may get up and personal with elephants, giraffes, zebras, and flamingos at Lost Valley by boarding an open-air amphibious vehicle. Safari World employs takes passengers on a ride into the world of predators such as white tigers, lions, and grizzly bears.

While onboard, you will go on an outdoor wildlife excursion. Prepare to encounter some of the best predators and hunters in the wild. Families and small parties can, of course, organize a private safari for an extra price; children are even offered the opportunity to hand-feed lions.

Fun fact: There are also 17 zones with different species of animals located in the Zootopia area. Some of them are Penguin Island, Fantastic Wings, and Sea Lion Village Animal Talk.

Panda World

Continue on your thrilling journey and meet some cute pandas at Panda World. As the pandas' sanctuary, you'll be able to witness them in their natural environment. This location also lets you learn more about their characteristics and everyday habits.

Aside from seeing the pandas go about their daily lives, take advantage of the musical series. Watch the 'Panda Le Bao's Adventure' program to learn about pandas.

Festivals & Performances in Everland Korea

If you like the park's attractions, you can take advantage of the other entertainment centers that Everland Korea has. Surely you will be delighted with all its variety.

Snow Park

It is an exhilarating snow sledding experience on a snow playground.

Tulip Festival

Four Season Garden has an unlimited quantity of brilliant tulips - you could obtain the photo of a lifetime! Tulips are in full flower throughout March and April.

Rose Festival

The charming Rose Festival, which takes place in May and June, features lovely perfumes and roses in full bloom. 

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Summer Water Fun Festival

At Carnival Square, the Bomb Bomb Men blast guests with water. Remember to bring your water cannon and raincoat!

Halloween Festival

You can enjoy a spooky Halloween parade and entertainment every season. A procession that honors the time. You can read more about the Halloween in Korean experience here. 

Christmas Festival

Everland Korea is adorned with beautiful lights and a lovely ambiance throughout the Christmas season. One of the best moments to visit if you like to enjoy the bright show of the season. If you want to get to know all the light festivals in Korea, visit this blog.

An interesting fact for ARMYsEverland presents the Over the Universe BTS multimedia show at Four Season Garden. Every 15 minutes, you see BTS in a multimedia performance featuring their hit songs, bright lights, and fireworks every night.

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Everland Korea Ticket

Ticket prices may change depending on the time of year. For adults, there is a range of 50,000 WON to 64,000 WON ,and for children, from  36,000 WON to 51,000 WON. We invite you to enter its main page to have more details about the purchase.

How to get to Everland Theme Park

There are 5 methods for you to get to the park. Choose the one that best suits your comfort:

Shuttle Bus

The shuttle bus is the most convenient method to travel to Everland Korea from Seoul. The round-trip shuttle bus ticket from Seoul to Everland is KRW 10,000 from Gangnam and KRW 12,000 from Hongdae, Myeongdong, and other Seoul locations. The bus will take you to the bus station. From there, you may take the free shuttle bus to Everland, which takes about 5 minutes.

It should be noted that the theme park admission ticket is not included.

Here is the link for more information.

By Car

You can reach the venue at the address 199 Everland-ro, Pogog-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do. The official page has a parking guide that takes you to a nearby parking lot. A free shuttle operates irregularly between the parking and the main gate.

Follow the link for more information.

Ever Cab

Ever Cab is an Everland-certified taxi service. It is a premium, client-tailored pickup service that picks up Everland visitors at a predetermined spot and hour.

Click in the link.

By Bus

Traveling from Seoul

Regular bus
  • 5002Sinnonhyeon Station - Gangnam Station - Yangjae Station
  • 5700Gangbyeon Station - Jamsil Station - Songpa Station - Suseo Station
  • 1500-2Sadang Station - Nambu Terminal - Pangyo Station - Bundang (Seohyeon Station)
  • 1113Gangbyeon Station - Gangdong Station - Gwangju City Hall - HUFS

Bound for Incheon and Gyeonggi-do

Non-Stop bus
  • 8862 Incheon Terminal - Suwon Yeongtong
  • 8839 Incheon Terminal - Beomgye Station

Regular Bus

  • 66 Suwon Station 一 Suwon 一 Yongin
  • 66-4 Suwon Station - Suwon - Dongbaek - Yongin
  • 670 Gwanggyo - Suji - Jukjeon - Dongbaek

By Subway

From Seoul, take the metro to Giheung Station. Take the Yongin EverLine from Giheung to Jeondae Everland Station (around 30 minutes). Then, exit at Exit 3 and ride the free shuttle to Everland from there (5 minutes).

The journey to Everland takes around two hours. On the other hand, if you are traveling from Myeongdong or Hongdae, the one-way fare is 2,450 won.

Even though riding the train from Seoul to Everland is the cheapest option, it may be quite exhausting. This is because it will take you more than 45 stops to get to Jeondae Everland Station.

Opening Hours

Everland is open from the time 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. You can check their official website for the exact day when you go.

To view the wait times for rides, the operating schedule, and other useful information, download the Everland mobile app. The Everland app lets you use the smart queuing service.

After having read about the most incredible attractions in Everland theme park, make sure you don’t miss all our recommendations if you want a fun-filled and memorable adventure. Before heading to Korea, add these travel essentials!

Stay with us to continue learning and discovering new and beautiful places to visit in Korea!

Cover Photo Source: Komi_yul Instagram account


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