5 Kpop Idol Food You Must Try When in Korea and at Home!

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We all know that our favourite k-pop idols such as BTS and Blackpink give us their best in everything they do, from jaw-dropping choreographies to hitting those high notes. This means they have to fuel up on good Korean food and treat themselves once in a while. It's great to see our favourite k-pop idols eat and enjoy these top kpop idol food loved by many. Read on to find out what Jungkook once ate whilst on tour… (comment down below if you already know!)

While there are many delicious Korean foods out there to try, here are 5 South Korean foods that kpop idols like to eat.

5 Kpop Idol Food You Must Try at Home or in Korea!

1. Korean Fried Chicken

Who doesn’t love some Korean fried chicken!? The favourite kpop idol food is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The flavoursome kpop food is loved by many K-pop idols, including BTS and EXO’s Kai. EXO’s Kai stated that Korean fried chicken is his favourite food. When Kai asked his bandmate SuHo why he loves Korean fried chicken so much, he said it’s because his favourite Korean food reminds him of his childhood. 

Hyunjae from THE BOYZ is also an avid fan of the tasty snack… he can even decipher the brand of Korean fried chicken just by smelling it! Hyunjae shared he once ate the addictive Korean food dish 5 times in one week, which shows that he has a real passion for the Korean crispy chicken snack! The Korean fried chicken must be added to your Korean food list.

2. Ramyeon

It isn’t a secret that Korea’s instant food game is elite. Ramyeon is one of the most popular instant Korean food as they are quick and easy to make and delicious too! There are tons of kpop idol food recipes to level up ramyeon, from cheese to sausage.

Back in 2016, BTS’ Jungkook showed ARMY just how much he loves ramyeon… he ate 6 cups of ramyeon in one go. Scroll down to view the series of tweets where Jungkook shows you his 6 cups of ramyeon from preparation to when the famous Korean food has been consumed.

3. Tteokbokki

The Korean food tteok bok ki is one of the most popular Korean street food, enjoyed by stars such as SEVENTEEN’s Joshua, TWICE’s Jeongyeon, and MAMAMOO’s Solar. Tteokbokki is made of stir-fried rice cakes coated in a sweet and spicy sauce giving the yummy Korean food the addictively chewy texture!

4. Hotteok

Hotteok is a sweet pancake filled with ingredients like red bean, nuts, cinnamon and brown sugar… a perfect popular Korean food for the autumn season!

Hotteok is definitely something you’ll want to try, as BTS shared so much love for the famous South Korean food. BTS members took to Weverse to share selfies of eating Hotteok while expressing their emotions! It’s so funny to see the behind-the-scenes of the series of photos. Watch it below! 


This list of Kpop idol food would simply be incomplete without mentioning KBBQ… Korean barbeque food is among the most popular kpop food choices amongst kpop idols! Kpop stars such as NCT’s WinWin, Red Velvet’s Seulgi and SEVENTEEN’s The8 are just a few of the many kpop idols who love grilling their meat.

Here is a video shared by Blackpink Jennie enjoying KBBQ.

So, which food on the list of 5 Kpop Idol Food have you tried before? Which one did you like best? If you haven’t tried some on the list above, this article is your sign to go and try them… they’re approved by your favourite kpop idols themselves!

Here are some Popular Korean Food and Drink Combinations for you to try if you want to add an extra touch!

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