Bibimbap: Everything You Need to Know About the Most Googled Recipe of 2023


Can you still recall the last recipe you searched for on Google? Apparently, there were tons of people looking for the recipe for Bibimbap in 2023, which is what led it to become the most searched-for recipe of the year.

This is based on Google's “Year in Search." The trend for Bibimbap marks its growing popularity outside of Korea. Join The Daebak Company on a fascinating journey to learn more about this Korean dish and its many variations. 

Fair warning: You might get hungry!

What is Bibimbap?

Bibimbap (비빔밥) is one of the most popular Korean dishes. It is usually made with rice, meat (beef, for example), fresh, delicious vegetables, and various condiments. Once the ingredients are ready, all you need to do is mix them in a bowl and enjoy the dish. 

But did you know that you can make Bibimbap in different ways? Locals from different regions have unique ways to cook it. Let’s have a look at the existing variations. 

Variations of Bibimbap: Choose your Favourite

Jeonju Bibimbap

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Jeonju Bibimbap probably might be the most popular variation of this dish. What makes it authentic is the addition of a Korean chili paste called Gochujang

Image from Canva

Apart from that, it also typically consists of rice cooked with kongamul (soybean sprout), fried or raw beef, carrots, seaweed, and egg yolks. But the list goes on and on as there are around 30 other ingredients that can be added to it.

Without any doubt, the dish has already become the national treasure of South Korea due to its historical origins, nutrition, and flavor. 

In fact, there is a Jeonju Bibimbap Festival held annually in October in the Jeonju Hanok Village.

The event attracts a lot of locals and foreigners from all over the world. People participating in it receive an unforgettable experience while diving into the history of this Korean dish, participating in various cooking competitions, and enjoying the music concerts. 

Jinju Bibimbap

Image from Pixabay

Another famous variety of bibimbap is Jinju. Its most distinctive feature is yukhoe (beef tartare), which is added on top of it at the end to bring an incredible meaty taste. 

Generally, this dish consists of steamed rice, bean sprouts, sesame seeds, and other vegetables. Jang guk (soybean soup) is also often added to the bowl.

Tongyeong Bibimbap

Emerging from Tongyeong, a coastal city on the South Sea, this variation of bibimbap is renowned for the freshness of the Korean seafood it comprises. 

Steamed rice, mixed with shrimps, mussels, or clams and seasoned with flavorful condiments and sauces, is typically served with seaweed and vegetables of one’s liking. 

This dish is an absolute favorite for those who consider themselves big fans of seafood, as the combination of ingredients is lovely, refreshing, and unique.

Yeolmu Kimchi Bibimbap

Yeolmu Kimchi Bibimbap is another recipe for bibimbap, with yeolmu (young radish greens) kimchi being the heart and soul of this dish. Usually, the radish greens are finely chopped, mixed with a kimchi paste, and then added to steamed rice. 

In truth, Koreans consider kimchi a must-have side dish. If you ever get a chance to visit South Korea, you will see that no meal starts without kimchi being present on the table. 

It can be enjoyed in many ways and added to almost anything: ramen, pancakes, soups, etc. 

Due to the simplicity of Yeolmu Kimchi Bibimbap and its moderate spiciness, it might be a perfect fit for the dinner table on a warm summer day. In addition, this meal could benefit one's health as it has plenty of vitamins (A and C) that are important for a sound body. 

What Is Your Favourite Bibimbap Variation So Far?

Do you already feel like enjoying a delicious bibimbap during your lunch break? Which one would you like to try most? 

You can go ahead and make it by yourself at home. But honestly, the best bibimbaps are in South Korea, so you should visit it as soon as you can!

Also, feel free to check out what The Daebak Company offers if you already want to try some Korean food.

What is the signature dish of Jeonju?

Jeonju has become so associated with the signature bibimbap that it holds an annual Jeonju Bibimbap Festival in October.

What is Tongyeong Bibimbap famous for?

As the city of Tongyeong is rich in the diversity of seafood, the Tongyeong Bibimbap is prominent for the presence of shrimps, fish, and clams in it.

What is Yeolmu Kimchi made of?

When making Yeolmu Kimchi, young, crunchy radish greens are often used, generally with their little radish roots attached.

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