Daegu Travel Guide: What to do on a Trip to Daegu

Daegu Travel Guide: What to do on a Trip to Daegu - The Daebak Company

Looking for a city to visit in between visits to Seoul and Busan? Look no further than the city of Daegu! As South Korea’s third largest metropolitan city, Daegu is a thriving city worthy of a spot on your must-visit list. Welcome to your Daegu travel guide!

What is Daegu South Korea Known For?

picture of Daegu Tower behind trees
Image by Nabin Mewahang from P​​ixabay

Historically, Daegu has been known for many things. It used to be a major producer of electronics. In fact, Samsung was founded in Daegu! It's also been known for its production of textiles.

However, these days, it's known for other things. For example, Daegu is Korea's hottest city. So, it has been so aptly nicknamed Daefrica, a combination of Daegu and Africa to emphasize how hot it is. But there are so many things to do in Daegu that you can also experience the best Daegu day trip!

It's also the hometown of many famous celebrities, such as BTS' Suga and V, Jooheon from Monsta X, and Irene from Red Velvet.

Where is Daegu?

If you are planning a Daegu trip, you have to know where it is and how to get there. Daegu is located in a basin surrounded by mountains on all sides in south-eastern Korea. It is also near the Geumho River and Nakdong River. 

You have 4 options to get from Seoul to Daegu. You can take a KTX or a slow train if you love to look at the views. The third option is taking a bus ride. If you are on a business trip or have a short Daegu travel schedule, the fastest option is to fly from Incheon International Airport to Daegu. You can also enjoy other attractions at the airport. Explore some of them here. 

Is Daegu Worth Visiting?

Daegu is absolutely worth visiting! While it may not be as big as Seoul or have the beaches of Busan, it should still be on your list of cities to visit. It is a colorful city surrounded by beautiful mountains and other Daegu attractions. It is also full of things to do. Let’s look at a few of them in our Daegu travel blog!

Safety is one of the questions many people ask when visiting a new city. Is Daegu dangerous? Is Daegu safe? The city is safe, but you may rarely experience hostility from drunk people. Their tap water is also safe to drink.

Daegu Travel Guide

Seomun Market

several people at a market
Image by Yena Kwon from Pexels​​

Seomun Market is the largest traditional market in Daegu. In fact, it is the largest outdoor night market in all of Korea. Like most markets, it has a large variety of street Daegu food stalls. However, it also has many fabrics, such as silks and linens, and clothing. So don't miss out on going to the Seomun Market in your Daegu itinerary!

Apsan Park

very green mountains in foreground and background
Image by Eun Seok Chang from Unsplash​​

Apsan Park is where three of these mountains meet: Apsan Mountain, Daedeoksan Mountain, and Sanseongsan Mountain. This is the perfect place to take a hike and see the beautiful scenery within the mountains of Daegu.

Visit a Temple

man walking in front of temple
Image by Seongtaek Chee from Unslpash​​

Daegu is home to several temples, the biggest one being Donghwasa. So, if you would like a peaceful and enriching experience, make sure to visit a temple.

You could reserve a temple stay and extend your experience if you have time. There are hands-on experience-filled temple stays. However, if you prefer to focus on your inner peace, there are also “rest style” temple stays. So, you can choose the best experience to fit your needs.


aerial view of E-World
Image by Naufal Shidqi from Pexels​​

E-world is a European-style theme park located in Daegu. It is comparable to Seoul’s Lotte World. It has roller coasters, rides, a carousel, and even a petting zoo! If you go in springtime, it’s an excellent location for cherry blossom photos! If you are on a cherry blossom foliage trip, the E-World Starlight Cherry Blossom Daegu Festival is an event you should never miss!

E-world is home to 83 Tower, also known as Daegu Tower. The tower has 83 stories and is an iconic feature of the Daegu skyline. The top floor has an observation deck that offers a beautiful view of the entire city.

Go to a museum

picture of art installation made of lights

Daegu has several museums like the Daegu National Museum and the Hengso Museum. The most famous museum is the Daegu Art Museum.

However, if you’re looking for a unique museum experience, take a trip to the Yangyeongsi Oriental Medicine cultural museum. In addition to the history within the museum, it also has a herbal medicine market and many hands-on experiences.

Go to a Festival

People singing on a stage
Image by Asia Culture Center​​

Every year the city hosts a variety of Daegu festivals. The most unique festival is the Chimac festival. It’s a festival all about chicken and beer. Other festivals include the Daegu International Music Festival, the Biseul Mountain Azaela Festival, and the Colorful Daegu Festival.

As you can see, Daegu is an interesting city. It has various things to do and is a perfect place to visit. Include all or some of our recommended places from our Daegu travel guide. Be sure to check out our travel guides for Seoul and Busan as well!


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