Fall K-Pop Playlist: R&B Edition

Fall K-Pop Playlist: R&B Edition - The Daebak Company

Summer is over, but it is time to chill and enjoy the autumn breeze. We have compiled the perfect fall playlist so you can enjoy the new season with these top 5 R&B songs.

1.) Crush - Butterfly

From his recent album "From Midnight To Sunrise," the song "Butterfly" is the perfect song to start the fall season. With Crush soulful voice and additive rhythms, the music itself is a masterpiece. Crush is no stranger to the R&B scene; he has collaborated with well-known R&B artists such as Devi Morrison, Pink Sweat$, and Joyce Wrice.


2.) DAHEE - LUH! (feat. SOLE)

DAHEE is new to the R&B scene. She made her debut this year with her song "LUH!" featuring SOLE. DAHEE has the most dreamy voice that just makes you want to listen more. The music itself has a beautiful melody and sentimental lyrics.


3.) Heize - Lyricist

If you are a fan of Korean R&B, then you must know who is Heize. She is one of the most popular soloists in Korea because of her unique rapping style and stunning vocals. She released "Lyricist" back in June alongside with her recent EP "Lyricist." The song has elements of jazzy rhythms and bluesy instrumentals background. The lyrics of the song feels a bit nostalgic but at the same time emotional as Heize talks about the pain of writing about heartbreak.


4.) Golden - Can't

Golden, also known as G.Soul, is one of the most talented R&B artists in Korea. He first made his debut under JYP entertainment as G.Soul with the release of his EP "Coming Home" in 2015. In 2017, he announced that he would leave JYP and join H1ghr music. He then decided to change his name to Golden, named after a song by Jill Scott. The song "Can't" is a classic with its neo funk instrumentals and Golden passionate vocals.


5.) offonoff - Photograph

Offonoff is a South Korean duo under HIGHGRND, a sublabel under YG entertainment. The pair consists of Colde and 0Channel. The songs that they make is a combination of contemporary r&b and electronica. The song "Photograph" is perfect for listening to when you want to take your time and enjoy the small things in life.


Let us know what songs we should add to the playlist down in the comments below!

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