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Get Ready To Rock: Korean Metal Edition - The Daebak Company

You may be asking yourself, Korean metal? That is a thing? The answer to your question is, "Yes!" There’s an entire metal community in South Korea along with many bands, both active and no longer active. Metal has many subgenres such as death metal and gothic metal. Picture the scene in Forrest Gump, where Bubba lists every way to eat shrimp: that's how many subgenres of metal there are. Don't worry, I won't list that many. Here are only a select few bands that you should check out:

  • Oathean

Formed in 1993, Oathean has been rocking the scene for twenty-six years! This three-member band has released five full-length albums, including their latest self-entitled album, Oathean, in 2010. They have also released one demo, one EP, and two compilation albums. Their genre is considered black and death metal, and their lyric themes consist of sorrow and despair.
  • Sad Legend

Formed in 1997, this melodic black metal band consisted of four members, and was signed to the Rock Space label. They have unfortunately split as a band, but when they were active, this band had a lyrical theme of sadness and darkness. They released three demos in 1997, and in the following year, released their self-titled full-length album. Their last album was released in 2009. Even though this band has parted ways, don’t be afraid to check them out!
  • Vassline

Vassline is a five-member hardcore/metalcore band that formed in 1996. They have quite a few full-length albums, accompanied by demos and singles, with their latest single being released in 2018. Their album, Blood Of Immortality, won Best Rock Album at the 2005 Korean Music Awards. Vassline is a band to watch closely!
  • ClownUs

ClownUs is fairly new. This five-member band formed in 2017, and is not signed to a label. They’ve released two singles, one in 2018 and one in 2019. They also plan to release a full-length album this year. The band has described their sound as a mix of genres, but are influenced by deathcore.
  • Method

This five-member thrash/melodic death metal band formed in 2002 and has been active for the past eighteen years. During their first year together, they released an untitled demo. Since then, they’ve released many EPs and full-length albums. Their latest album, Definition Of Method, was released in 2019. Method’s lyrical themes are described as hardships, struggles, and more.
  • Down In A Hole

Down In A Hole started out as a gothic metal band but has changed their sound to alternative rock. They are made up of five members, including a talented female bassist! Signed to CJ Music, Down In A Hole has released three full-length albums, three EPs, and a few singles. Their latest release was a 2018 EP titled Reboot. The band’s lyrics are horror-themed, and about love and sadness.

What do you think about Korean metal? Is it something you will continue to explore, or is it something you tried but just can not get into? Either way, let us know your thoughts below!

Cover Photo by Anton Mislawsky on Unsplash
Written By Brianna Giles

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