Get the Party Started with This Girl Group Playlist!

Get the Party Started with This Girl Group Playlist! - The Daebak Company

There's nothing wrong with enjoying a party or two. Dancing around, laughing loudly, being goofy, it's all good fun. But what really makes or breaks a party is the music. If the music is off, the party is off. If you're worried about making the best party playlist, don't fret because these girl groups' tracks have your back.

1. Somi - "Birthday"

Somi's "Birthday" is an uplifting, empowering pop song about living your life on your terms. The ‘top-of-the-world’ feeling you get on your birthday is the same feeling Somi is singing about. Whether it’s actually your birthday or not, this song will have you ready to party.

2. Blackpink - "Boombayah"

This fiery, bass-boosted song is sure to get you in the party mood. With an overall fun vibe, you’ll be feeding off the song’s energy. The lyrics, with just the right amount of flirty confidence, all add to the “party girl” aesthetic of the song.

3. CLC - "No"

“No” speaks of being true to yourself. It speaks of being fiercely beautiful in your own way and choosing what makes you feel the most confidence. Also, the song’s smooth bass and hype beat are perfect for a night out on the town, or in your living room.

4. Everglow - "Bon Bon Chocolat"

Everglow’s debut song, “Bon Bon Chocolat", is a fierce, fast-paced pop song that’ll make you get up and dance. Similar to the other songs on the list, it’s about carrying yourself with confidence. But it also details that you should look for people who ‘want everything’ as the girls sing. This message coupled with the catchiness of the song makes it perfect for a party.

5. exid - DDD

This sassy, swanky song will surely have anyone feeling themselves! The cockiness emanating from it and its visuals are absolutely stellar, to say the least. In this song, the girls sing about falling for someone, but not before making sure their love interest knows they won’t fall for any empty feelings.

6. ITZY - "Wannabe"

Itzy is known for dropping bop after bop about self-confidence, so “Wannabe” is no different. It speaks of being yourself and loving yourself for it. In addition to this great message, it has a strong bass, cool beats, and catchy melodies. The combination of these elements creates the ultimate party song.

Hopefully, this quick playlist has given you some inspiration for a soundtrack of your own, or maybe just got you in the party mood? What's your go-to party song? Let us know below!

Cover image: YG Entertainment

Written by: Elodie Hollant

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