Hallyu Star Kim Woo Bin's Comes Back in Our Blues

Hallyu Star Kim Woo Bin's Comes Back in Our Blues - The Daebak Company

Hallyu star and one of the most renowned Korean idols male, Kim Woo Bin has finally ended his hiatus from his K-Drama career by returning to the screen with the new Kdrama series Our Blues. 

While he was away from filming, Kim Woo Bin had been recovering from his battle with cancer. Kim was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer back in 2017, explaining why he took a break from his career. Kim Woo Bin announced his recovery in 2019 and is now finally slowly returning to the K-Drama scene. 

The last time fans saw Kim Woo-Bin on screen was back in 2016 in the K  Drama Uncontrollably Fond. Since it has been a while since we’ve seen Kim Woo Bin act, K-Drama fans must be excited to see his comeback.

Kim Woo Bin starring in Our Blues

Our Blues is set on Jeju Island and follows the life journeys of several people on the island whose lives all seem to be intertwined. The drama depicts the bitter sweetness of life in a mature, realistic way. Kim Woo Bin plays Park Jeong-Joon, a fishing boat captain, alongside various famous actors and actresses in K-Drama, such as Lee Byung Hun, Kim Hye Ja, Cha Seung Won, Uhm Jung Hwa, Han Ji Min, and even Parasite star Lee Jung Eun. 

Fun fact! In real life, Kim Woo Bin’s girlfriend Shin Min A also stars in the show. Although they may be lovers, in reality, they have separate love interests within the K-Drama series.

With the K-Drama series nearly coming to an end, some of you may be wondering what’s next for Kim Woo Bin. Luckily for us, Kim Woo Bin is also starring in the Sci-Fi, Fantasy Action movie Alien, released sometime this summer. We are sure to be on the lookout! 

Kim Woo Bin starring in Alien

Hopefully, this means that we will see more of Kim Woo Bin in the future! 

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 Written by Bangee Lee

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