ITZY Brings Girl Crush Edge in 'WANNABE'

ITZY Brings Girl Crush Edge in 'WANNABE' - The Daebak Company

Seven months following the release of their hit song “ICY,” ITZY is back with another comeback. This time, the girls show off their edgy charms in “WANNABE.” The comeback was first announced in late February when captivating teasers were released via social media. The comeback song is the title track of the mini album the girls released on March 9.

“WANNABE” is the title track of ITZY’s mini album, IT’z ME. The song is about self-love and acceptance and is comprised of dance-house and hip hop beats. The key point of the song are the lyrics “I don’t want to be somebody, just wanna be me, be me.” The music video features the girls being carefree and having fun being themselves, and also showcases their sharp dance moves, strong rap verses, and unique vocals. ITZY is known to have a “self-love” concept in all of their songs, which was clearly displayed in their recent comeback.

Their mini album IT’z ME has a total of 6 B-sides: “TING TING TING” “THAT’S A NO NO,” “NOBODY LIKE YOU,” “YOU MAKE ME” “I DON’T WANNA DANCE” and “24HRS.” These songs have a similar vibe to their title track as they have distinct, edgy beats and dance-house like groove.

ITZY’s comeback showcase exhibited their exceptional stages to MIDZYs, also marking the end of their U.S. premiere showcase tour “ITZY? ITZY! In the USA!” which ended in January.

ITZY is a five-member girl group under JYP entertainment. The girls debuted in February 2019 with the track “DALLA DALLA.” The group has garnered multiple awards following their debut, including the MNET Asian Music Award for Best New Female Artist. The group is also the fastest girl group to win #1 in a music show. IT’z ME is now available for download on Apple Music and Spotify.

Take a look at ITZY’s “WANNABE” below!

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Cover Image: ITZY (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Frances Eusebio

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