IU Comeback: New Single Set to Release After 2-Year Hiatus

IU comeback

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. After a two-year break, IU is returning to the spotlight. 

With IU’s comeback, we welcome her newest single with open arms. Here's what we know about the new song.  

IU’s Comeback

On January 15, IU revealed plans for her upcoming pre-release single titled 'Love Wins.' This announcement signifies IU’s comeback after a two-year hiatus. Her last EP, 'Pieces', was launched in December 2021. 

Sharing a concise yet intriguing preview of the single, the artist has sparked curiosity among fans regarding the overall theme and style of her highly anticipated album.

The 18-second teaser had fans going crazy as they anxiously waited for her comeback. January 24, 2024 marks IU's comeback, 

IU Comeback With 'Love Wins All'

IU’s comeback video has incredible cinematography and visuals. V from BTS stars in it. Together, the acting of the couple is incredible. 

The MV was directed by Um Tae Hwa, the same director of the film, ‘Concrete Utopia’. The MV definitely draws themes from this movie. With fans wiggling in their seats, IU’s MV had thousands waiting for the countdown to watch it. 

You can see IU's comeback and the amazing MV here:

Who is IU?

IU was born as Lee Ji Eun on May 16, 1993. 

She is a woman of many talents not just a successful musical career. She first debuted in 2008 and has since amazed fans across the world with her work. In 2010, she started acting in a drama called ‘Dream High,’ which was very successful. 

Throughout her career, IU has proven that she has versatile skills: from her acting to her latest self-composed album ‘Pieces,’ it’s no wonder she is one of South Korea’s favorite idols. 

What's Next for IU?

IU's comeback has certainly set the stage for her return in 2024. Her triumphant return has been met with excited fans and holds many high stakes for other K-Pop idols. We can’t wait to see where IU takes the K-Pop industry this year! 

What is Love Wins All about?

'Love Wins All' is about how love can triumph the hardships that you go through in life. 

Is IU making a new album?

IU’s company, EDAM Entertainment, stated that IU has an album to be released in early 2024. 

When was IU's last comeback?

IU’s last comeback was her self-composed mini-album ‘Pieces’ in December 2021.

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