K-Artist Spotlight: Know All About Lee Yeon

Lee Yeon

South Korea has many talented actors to offer, that's for sure, and many new ones are discovered, or rediscovered, every month through the many upcoming K-Dramas released.

Among them, Lee Yeon has captured the attention of many viewers in recent years because of the projects she decided to take part in and, more importantly, her performances.

Who is Lee Yeon?

Born in 1995, Lee Yeon officially debuted with the movie Anonymous in 2018. After that, she participated in many other movies and tv series, including the GL movie Take Me Home (2020), Netflix K-Drama D.P., Weak Hero Class 1, and another Netflix production, Juvenile Justice

Let's take a look at some of her most iconic performances.

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#Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice is a 2022 Netflix Drama centered around the story of Judge Shim Eun-seok (Kim Hye-soo), known to everyone for disliking juveniles. She is appointed as a new juvenile court judge in the Yeonhwa District. There, she has to deal with many brutal cases, including the one involving Lee Yeon.

In the series, she plays 13 years old boy Baek Seong-Wu accused of the brutal murder of an 8 years old boy, a story based on the genuine Incheon Elementary School Murder Case, where a 17 years old girl killed a young elementary school girl.

More about Juvenile Justice in this article:

Her performance in the first episode was so groundbreaking that it got the young Korean actress a lot of attention, especially considering she played a psychologically challenging role and a character half her age and of another gender.

Quite impressive, indeed.

If you want to check out her acting for yourself, access your Netflix account and binge on the series, in the meantime, here is a little clip:

#Height of the Wave

Yeon-Soo (Lee Seung-Yeon) is a police officer who, after her divorce, is dispatched to an island together with her daughter.

Here she meets Ye-Eun, an underage girl played by Lee Yeon, whom she suspects has been forced into prostitution by two villagers.

She investigates what is happening but is ostracized by the community, particularly the mayor.

It premiered at the 20th Jeonju International Film Festival on 3 May 2019 and later won the Special Jury Prize in the International Competition section of the 72nd Locarno Film Festival in 2019.

Despite being very young, Lee Yeon took on quite a challenging role here and proved to be an outstanding actress.

#Take Me Home

Take Me Home is a 2020 LGBTQ South Korean movie directed by Jay Han. 

The movie is centered around the romantic relationship between Eun-Soo and Ye-Won, respectively portrayed by Woo Mi-Hwa and Lee Yeon, which faces a drastic change when Eun-Soo and her sister Eun-Hae got in an accident.

Eun-Soo becomes disabled, and Eun-Hae dies, leaving her daughter, Soo-Min, in the care of her sister and her partner.

When forced to become a family, the two questioned the concept of family, especially when, in cases like theirs, where the parents are of the same sex, the family is not recognized by the law and by much of the public opinion.

This was one of the first roles that got Lee Yeon some recognition.


Based on the webcomic "DP: Gaeui Nal" written by Kim Bo-Tong, D.P. is a 2021 Netflix series centered around An Jun-Ho, (Jung Hae-In), a soldier who gets chosen to be part of the DP (Deserter Pursuit) team.

On the team, he works with Sergeant Park Beom-Gu (Kim Sung-Kyun) and Corporal Han 

Ho-Yeol (Koo Gyo-Hwan).


The series' central theme is the widespread abuse and bullying in the Korean military environment and how the various characters are touched by it.

Here Lee Yeon plays Ahn Soo-jin, Jun-ho's younger sister.

#Weak Hero Class 1

Weak Hero Class 1, released in 2022 on Wavve and based on the webtoon Weak Hero, is a series centered around bullying.

The main character, Yeon Si Eun (Park Ji-Hoon), seems like a perfect student, never outspoken and very educated, his only flaw being his indifference towards his classmates, so when the class group of bullies starts targeting him nobody can even phantom his actual reaction, violence.

After witnessing his behavior, most of his classmates are now scared of him, all but Ahn Su Ho (Choi Hyun-Wook) and Oh Beom Seok (Hong Kyung).

Yeong-I, portrayed by Lee Yeon, after being saved by Si Eun, falls in love with him and becomes a close friend of Su-Ho.

Here her character, despite her difficult upbringing, is a funny and bright young girl who cares deeply about the people around them.

#Kill Bok Soon

Kill Bok Soon is a movie recently released on Netflix starring, among many others, Jeon Do-Yeon (Nam Hae-Song in Crash Course in Romance), Esom, and Lee Yeon.

Gil Bok-Soon (Jeon Do-Yeon) is a single mother and a lethal killer with a 100% success rate on contract killings who works for M.K. Ent, run by Cha Min-Kyu (Sol Kyung-gu). 

He was the one who trained Gil Bok-Soon but was also the one who could easily take everything away from her at any time, which is something Bok-Soon knows very well. 

Here Lee Yeon plays the young Yeong-Ji, another member of M.K.Ent.

In the videos behind, we can see her train with Bok-Soon in the ring, but if you want to know more about her performance, watch Kill Bok Soon on Netflix.

The movie also sees a short apparition of everyone's favorite, Lee Jae-Wook, the star of recent success Alchemy of Souls, another Netflix production.


Finally, the young Korean actress appeared briefly in the recent Crash Course in Romance series, where she played young Nam Haeng-Seon.

Lee Yeon is still a young actress, but her filmography is packaged with exciting and complicated roles, and her performances have proven her talent to the public.

We cannot wait to see what projects she will work on. In the meantime, if you still need to go, check out one of her previous works!

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