K-Pop Playlist for a Spring State of Mind

K-Pop Playlist for a Spring State of Mind - The Daebak Company

Winter's frost is melting away and making space for gentle, warm breezes and budding flowers. If you're enjoying spring as much as we are, here is a playlist to enjoy its beauty.

1. 92914 - "Room for Milk"

"Room for Milk" is a lo-fi beat perfect for starting your day. With no lyrics and an overall quiet feel, it exudes a calm vibe. It is also a great song for a chill, staying-in kind of day. It offers some ambiance without being overly distracting.


2. 10cm - "Phonecert"

Beginning with a whimsical instrumental then fading into an upbeat guitar ballad, "Phonecert" is a fun song describing an artist's relationship with their fans via their phones. The artist, 10cm, is "the singer and are the only audience." Not only is this song great for spring, but it also tells listeners that even though they can only connect with their faves via their phones, the artist still sees them and appreciates their support.


3. Martin Smith - "Paint on Spring"

"Paint on Spring" is a lighthearted ballad with soothing guitar riffs and an uplifting background beat. It speaks about the coming of spring and enjoying that season with a special someone. It's perfect to listen to while on a picnic or walking around a park - or to help you imagine these adventures.


4. Jung Yoon Choi - "Tokyo Tower"

Similar to "Room for Milk", "Tokyo Tower" is another lo-fi song. However, it's more jazzy and upbeat than the former. Just like the biting cold of winter transitions into sweet breezes, this breakup song helps those who are hurting to remember that warmer seasons are just around the corner.


5. Se So Neon - "A Long Dream"

"A Long Dream" is a funky indie-pop song that makes you feel like driving with the windows down. This song speaks of developing a crush in the best way possible. Avoiding generic ways of expressing love, Se So Neon says "Why am I blooming when I look at you? I can change the world to be with you." These lyrics combined with the feel of the song make listeners want to get up and dance.


6. Car, the Garden - "Lean on You"

"Lean on You" captures the essence of a sunset, with dreamy vocals and lazy but awe-inspiring beat in the background. As "Room for Milk" was great to start your day, "Lean on You" is the perfect way to end it.


Whether you're excited about spring's or not, this playlist is sure to lift up your spirits and make you feel great.

Do you like any of these songs? Which songs should we add to our spring playlist? Let us know below!

Featured image: Martin Smith (Stone Music Entertainment)

Written by: Elodie Hollant

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