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K-pop music videos are filmed in some of the most beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing places. While many are either studios or locations in Korea, there are a surprising amount that venture outside of the country. If you can’t visit filming locations in Korea, check out others that the world has to offer:

  • “Likey” by TWICE - Vancouver, Canada
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Likely - Twice • Canada

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Known to be a popular filming location, TWICE chose to visit Vancouver, Canada for “Likey.” This city provides a beautiful waterfront to film by as well as some bright city streets. In this music video, the members can be seen dancing in Gastown, admiring the view from Stanley Park, and exploring many other locations.

  • “Don’t Wanna Cry” by SEVENTEEN - Los Angeles, United States
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Don’t Wanna Cry - Seventeen • US

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Visiting Joshua’s hometown, SEVENTEEN filmed one of their 2017 hits, “Don’t Wanna Cry,” in L.A. We can see the group doing an insanely synchronized dance routine on the the rooftop of Dollar Fashion as well as a sunny (and quite dry) location known as the El Mirage Dry Lake Bed which is just outside of Los Angeles.

  • “Let Me In” by Ha Seul - Diamond Beach, Iceland
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Let Me In - Ha Seul • Iceland

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Girl group LOONA has been stunning fans with their amazing solo spots that include unique sceneries for each member. One member, Ha Seul, shows the beauty of Diamond Beach in Iceland. This beach is known for its black sand meeting the shining blue waters, but also for bits of glacier washing on to the shore. This creates an amazing and natural black and white aesthetic that is clearly emphasized within the “Let Me In” music video.

  • “Marilyn Monroe” by Rain - Brisbane, Australia
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Marilyn Monroe - Rain • Australia

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Showing us the charm of Australia, Rain captures the beautiful weather and scenery within the city of Brisbane. Taking a walk in the sun along the river and showcasing the bright city lights after the sun has gone down are just some of the ways Australia is shown in the “Marilyn Monroe” music video.

  • “Good Luck" by AOA - Tamuning, Guam
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Good Luck - AOA • Guam

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The six members of girl group AOA isn’t the only thing we can admire in their music video for “Good Luck.” Clear skies and sunsets at the beach all the way from Guam are also notable details. Visiting the beach in Tamuning, the girls filmed their summer lifeguard-themed music video while basking in the sun. This music video can make anyone who loves beaches and the sun fall in love immediately.

  • “Only U” by VIXX - Stockholm, Sweden
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Only U - VIXX • Sweden

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Seen walking the streets in their “Only U” music video, VIXX traveled all the way to Sweden to show off their dramatic side. Walking the old stone streets with Swedish Grace-style architecture in the background, VIXX shows how relaxing it can be to walk around Stockholm. If you want to get in touch with your theatrical side, like VIXX, check out Sweden and make sure to try some Swedish snacks!

With Korean pop music going global, it’s becoming easier to admire locations outside of Korea. At what location would you want to see your favorites film?

Comment below with beautiful locations that would be perfect for a music video!

Cover Image: Twice (JYP Entertainment)

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