Kaitlin: Bye Daebak! From A Happy Global Intern

Kaitlin: Bye Daebak! From A Happy Global Intern - The Daebak Company

It has been a quick 3 months! It feels like yesterday I was writing my intro post for Daebak Magazine, explaining why I wanted to intern at The Daebak Company. Now I’m writing my last post!

I joined The Daebak Company to simply have some fun learning more about Korean Culture and pop culture, while also learning about e-commerce. As a big K-Drama and BTS fan, I really liked the products that Daebak was selling on their website, as well as the content that they were promoting on their Instagram page. 

During the internship duration, I really enjoyed working at Daebak! It was really great to create content for them, and channel my creativity to create new and fun Instagram content and blog articles. I had a bit of experience in content creation, so it was nice to be able to learn more about it and how to use it to promote and highlight different products. 

The people at Daebak are also great to work with. I loved how structured the program was and detailed each task was when it was delegated to us. I appreciate the straightforwardness and structure that my supervisors had for me; As well as their accessibility. Despite being virtual, they were also very accessible to reach for questions -- I really appreciated this. A lot of helpful feedback was also provided, which will allow me to grow in my content creation and creativity skills!

I would definitely recommend this program for those who want to get into marketing and want to learn more about content creation and merchandising as well! Everyone who works here were great to work with, understanding, and accessible. The products that you will help promote are really great products, so it will be really fun to help out with creating content. 

It’s been fun Daebak! I really had a great time working here and I hope that others will enjoy this experience as much as I did. :)

Written by Kaitlin

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