Karena: My Experience as a Daebak Global Intern

Karena: My Experience as a Daebak Global Intern - The Daebak Company

“Do what you love” - The quintessential career advice. I’m very grateful to The Daebak Company for helping me do just that. Being a part of the Daebak Global Internship program was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. 

Over the pandemic, my playlists had evolved to be composed entirely of K-Pop, and my YouTube homepage was stocked with new K-Variety and K-Pop music videos. When I saw the opportunity to be a Global Intern at The Daebak Company, I immediately knew that I would apply. It was a perfect way for me to combine my interest in exploring marketing and business, immersing myself and learning more about Korean Culture, and helping others discover their own journey. 

As a Global Intern, I got to work with a team of amazing people to research, write, and create various marketing content. It helped me realize the importance of the advice I had previously written off; Doing something I loved to do made my work extremely enjoyable (or perhaps gave me an excuse for falling down several rabbit holes about Korean Culture).  

I also gained so much experience and skills through the internship. There were many new and exciting opportunities that I could take on, such as conducting an interview, writing in a blog format, and video editing. I also had the opportunity to learn more about events such as the Korean Center Inc.’s Chuseok Festival to further expand my knowledge and appreciation of Korean Culture. 

Being a Global Intern at Daebak was a great experience not just because of what I learned, but also because of the wonderful people I met and worked with. Everybody was extremely friendly and helpful: A special shout out to our amazing Global Intern Manager Jenna!

I loved working as a Global Intern at The Daebak Company. It has helped me solidify my career aspirations in business and given me skills I can apply in nearly all situations. I highly recommend that you check out The Daebak Company, and if you’re interested, do what you love and apply to the program. 

Written by Karena

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