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Korean nail art and manicures are beautiful, often designed with rhinestones, charms, and more. Many manicures in Korea are done with gel polish, which generally lasts longer than regular polish. If you enjoy getting your nails done and want to know just a little more behind Korean manicures, be sure to keep reading, Fam!

You can add many pretty charms or stones on your nails to make them personal and unique. The polishes you can choose from are endless and come in many marvelous colors. Just like any manicure, getting gel nails, especially with the special touch of designs that Korean manicures offer, could take hours. But the time spent is worth it as they can typically last a month before there's visible need of a touch up or a new manicure. They typically cost around $50 USD or 50,000 won.

The nail art and manicures that are popular in Korean fashion are very aesthetically pleasing, and many Korean nail artists like sharing their work on social media to showcase their talent, exposing the world of Korean manicures to the rest of us who enjoy getting our own nails done. We recommend following a hashtag, such as ์ด๋‹ฌ์˜์•„ํŠธ on Instagram, to see different designs from different artists. You may find inspiration for what to get for yourself the next time you want to treat yourself to a good manicure!

Getting your nails done in Korea is a popular video trend on YouTube. Many YouTubers share their experience on the platform, so you can get even more information by checking them out and visually see it happening!

Overall, there is something about Korean gel nails and nail art that is hard to ask others to replicate sometimes. You could potentially try it yourself, and if you do, be sure to tell us how it goes in the comments below!

Written by Catherine Tai

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