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The leading cast of Once Upon A Small Town posing against a green bright countryside background.

Once Upon A Small Town is a feel-good romantic Korean drama about a successful veterinarian from Seoul who begrudgingly moves to a small town in the countryside. The animal veterinarian meets large animals like cows and goats, a close-knit community, and a kind policewoman (Joy from Red Velvet), all set on doing good for their town.

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Once upon a Small Town Korean Drama

Once upon a Small Town (2022 Cast)

Joy from Red Velvet posing in a police officer outfit holding puppies.
Photo courtesy of @_imyour_joy​​

The Once Upon A Small Town cast boasts some big names including Red Velvet’s Joy, who is returning to the acting scene. Once upon a Small Town Joy plays the female lead in the drama as Ahn Ja-yeong, a policewoman who helps everyone.

Choo YoungWoo posing on a bike with sprawling countryside in the background.
Photo courtesy of @cu.young​​

Then, there is the male lead role, Han Ji-yul, the veterinarian traveling back to the small town he grew up in for a portion of his life in, from Seoul, to help his grandfather. This character is played by the well-known actor Choo Young Woo. Dr. Han goes through a period of rediscovering who he is outside a big city. Learning to love the things that make the small town charming and unique that you can witness since Once upon a Small Town episode 1.

Original Soundtrack Artists

The songs really lift you up, that the Once upon a Small Town review of the soundtracks is positive. Once Upon A Small Town OST featured the talents of Hong Daekwang, O.WHEN, Boramiyu, and many others. Have a favorite Kdrama OST you are searching for? carries all your favorite Kdrama OSTs like Alchemy of Souls and Café Minamdang.

Check out all your favorite Kdrama OST here!

Once Upon A Small Town Foods

Like any great Kdrama, the Once Upon A Small Town cast enjoyed delicious snacks and drinks throughout the Netflix series. When you watch Once upon a Small Town online, you can watch the love for the community and feel good with the snacks the kdrama cast ate together. 

Check out the Once Upon A Small Town Menu below and see what snacks or flavors you want to take home!


Choo YoungWoo posing with his signature cup of coffee from the Once Upon A Small Town Kdrama series.
Photo courtesy of @cu.young​​

Very early in Once upon a Small Town, Dr. Han was offered a delicious cup of instant coffee. The brand behind this cup? Maxim! The series revealed a large closet full of Maxim Instant Coffee.

So grab a cup like in the drama and try flavors like Maxim Instant coffee Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Caramel Macchiato.


Joy from Red Velvet posing with a peach in an orchard.

In the small town Huidong, the Once Upon A Small Town cast had to help the village save the peach harvest. Peaches were the town's main income, which was essential to save the harvest. The drama's end showed families traveling from all over to pick the delicious peaches.

You can try the Orion Fresh Berry Peach Pie to get a similar flavor to pleasant fresh peaches. This delicious pie is filled with yogurt and peach, providing a refreshing flavor. So feel like you are enjoying a dessert straight from Once Upon A Small Town and enjoy a little pie.

Bush Clover Soju

Bush Clover Soju is a special alcohol appearing in the Once upon a Small Town kdrama series. This unique alcohol is said to have medicinal benefits, which may be why the village elders loved this alcohol and cheered when it arrived at a small town gathering.

Bush clover soju has various names but those who have tried it agree on one thing. Bush Clover soju is unique. It has a herbal/earthy taste and aroma and is slightly bitter when you drink it. Darker in color than your regular soju this drink is best sipped as it can be quite strong.

Peach Wine

In addition to the traditional alcohol mentioned before, Joy’s character can be seen helping cut, prepare, and package the peaches for a delicious wine. Fresh peaches, water, and brown sugar are packaged to make the Huidong peach wine, another staple from the Once Upon A Small Town village.

But if alcohol isn’t your thing, grab a Coco Palm Peach drink instead. This drink is sure to quench your thirst, have a delicious blend of peach and coconut water with coconut jelly, and make you feel like you are on the set of Once Upon A Small Town.

Delicious peaches, coffee, and alcohol shared with friends were throughout the Once upon a Small Town kdrama. You'll definitely want to recreate the friendship and laughs with your besties at home.

And if you are obsessed with all things peaches after this kdrama series, check out for a mouthwatering list of peachy favs. 

Don't worry, though, your peach craze doesn't have to stay just with peach flavored snacks! has the cutest Once upon a Small Town kdrama merch and peach-themed items. Cuddle up with a cute Apeach soft blanket perfect for staying in and binging a kdrama. Add a cute Apeach plush, and you'll be well on your way to a great night in as you binge the last few episodes of Once Upon A Small Town.

While making peach wine and having fun, families picking peaches in the beautiful countryside, Once Upon A Small Town shared the importance of appreciating the simple things around. 

So, no matter where you are, be it in South Korea or around the globe, will help you enjoy the simple things in life right at home.


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