6 Korean Stars Over 40 that Have Better Skin than You

Ageless Korean Stars over 40

What is the secret of Korean stars over 40 years old to keep their skin looking young and fresh? It may be the fountain of youth or it may be their lifestyle and skincare. Read more to find out!

Skin Care Secret of Korean Stars Over 40

Son Ye Jin

At 41 years old, Son Ye Jin, remains unblemished and youthful despite starting her acting career in 2000.

Over the years, she has shared many of her skincare secrets that keep her skin looking young and fresh. Some include the use of sheet masks daily, using aloe vera for sunburns, putting chilled cut-up cucumber on her eyes, and opening up her pores with a steam towel to exfoliate them. 

But that’s not all, occasionally she washes her face with some lemon water and, of course, always applies her sunscreen!

Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun, star of Legend of the Blue Sea, is 42 years old yet we can’t believe it! 

She keeps her skin on track by using ginseng products and double cleansing her face, first with an oil-based cleanser and then a foaming water-based cleanser. She also gives herself face massages to boost blood circulation. She uses a combination of emulsions, refiners, and moisturizers to keep her skin looking hydrated, enhanced, and replenished.

Song Hye Kyo

At 42, Song Hye Kyo looks stunning! Her secret? Anti-aging serums

As for other things, it's been said that she uses milk as a facial wash, keeps a low-sodium diet, and practices yoga regularly. 

On top of that, she makes sure that when she doesn’t have to wear makeup, she hardly wears any at all to give her skin room to breathe.

Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won may be 45 but her skin is flawless. 

Her tricks to fight aging include the use of face masks after cleansing, using a hydrating mist, and a specific pat-pat motion when applying products to her face. 

She also eats fruits and nuts daily. She’s even strong enough to take cold showers and doesn’t dry her face with a towel!

Kim Sa Rang

Kim Sa Rang is also 45 but is on top of her pilates and massage game. She shares that these help keep her skin looking beautiful and youthful. 

She takes extra care of her body as well by avoiding alcohol. In addition, she makes sure to keep her skin hydrated by using a humidifier.

Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee is 43 years old and does not have a wrinkle on her face. 

She treats her body and skin best by reading all the ingredients on skin care bottles and products to avoid any harmful ingredients. Her daily skincare products include a toner, essence, eye cream, and a lightening cream to keep that anti-aging look.

The Secret to Great Skin Over 40: Diet & Exercise

Diet and exercise are important to maintain healthy skin. For many Korean stars, this is the pinpoint of their complexion. 

Kim Sun Ah, the 50-year-old actress, claims to do 600 sit-ups a day, imagine her abs! 

Ko So Young also does regular exercise and Kim Hye Soo hardly ever eats fast food. Jang Na Ra swears by massaging her face when cleansing. 

Gong Hyo Jin even takes it up a notch and applies frozen cotton balls wet with water to fight dark circles. She also does pilates.

Perhaps, these lifestyle habits of the stars are their secret to fight aging.

Understanding Your Skin

At the end of the day, it’s about understanding your skin type and the products that pair well with your skin. 

Access to the right skincare products can be expensive, but it’s never too late to start a skincare routine. So here are some affordable beauty products for you!

Why is age so important in South Korea?

The traditional counting system where they count one to two years because of the time spent in the womb was largely used in social settings and in the workplace, where age hierarchies are considered important.

Who is the 50 year old Korean actress?

Kim Sung Ryung is 50 years old, but still looking youthful!

Who is the most beautiful Korean actress without makeup?

Netizens claim that Han Soo Hee is beautiful without makeup.

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