Park Solomon is Back in Revenge of Others

Park Solomon  and Shin Ye Eun

The winter Kdrama series keep us occupied during the winter break. Of course, we get excited when a new title comes out. What could be more thrilling than watching a story that combines suspense and revenge in a school setting? 

Park Solomon appears in the Korean drama Revenge of Others, a powerful tale of revenge carried out in a high school with a big mystery to be solved.

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What Is Revenge of Others About?

The story of the Korean drama starts by introducing us to Ok Chan Mi (Shin Ye Eun), a high school girl who was a skilled shooter until a sad incident altered her life. Her twin brother passed away, and now, Chan Mi wants to find out what happened.

The main character then changes schools and embarks on a perilous mission to learn the truth and pursue her retribution.

Then she encounters Ji Soo Hyun (Park Solomon), who cautions her about the dangers of moving on with her plan. There are also growing concerns about possible attempts to trick her! Who is the real culprit of all this tangled story?

Best Park Solomon Moments in Revenge of Others

If you watched the popular kdrama "All of Us Are Dead," you will undoubtedly recall Park Solomon's role. The Korean actor drew the attention of Korean drama fans and is now with a new project: The Revenge of Others!

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Along with his amazing Korean actors and actresses, the scenes have left us in awe! Park Solomon's action and revenge scenes are something we see in most clips of every episode online, which tempted kdrama fans to watch this exhilarating series. 

Similar to All of Us are Dead, Park Solomon flaunts his romantic and tough personality in Revenge of Others. Let's take a break from the action-packed scenes with some of the sweet and best moments of Park Solomon in the series.

#1 Ji Soo Hyun's Lovely Gazes Toward Ok Chan MI

Despite Ji Soo Hyun's physique, action scenes, and the mystery surrounding the story, his sweet and charming gazes at Ok Chan Mi make us swoon over their pairing. These little moments take us a break from the thrilling scenes. 

His gaze makes our hearts flutter. For Chan Mi, his help has been enriching, but we all notice the excellent chemistry and the affection he feels for her. We all deserve a Ji Soo who looks at us like that in life!

#2 The Boxing Scene

Yes, we know that finding the real culprit behind Chan Min's brother's death is quite gripping... But have you been distracted from the plot of Ji Soo Hyun's excellent physical appeal?

Watching him practice boxing has undoubtedly been one of the best scenes among the action scenes. He will definitely defend Ok Chan Mi without thinking twice!

#3 Switching from being a Tough to a Romantic Character

We have seen him in many facets, with a motorcycle helmet, a serious look, scared, pensive, in a school uniform, and a charming smile - our favorite! His acting skills made most kdrama fans continue watching the series and the plot, right?

Where to Watch Revenge of Others?

Do you want to see more of Park Solomon's sweet and action moments at the Revenge of Others? The kdrama series is available on Disney+, but the episodes also make their way to other platforms. 

You may watch it on Star+ in Latin America, where you can find the chapters with Spanish subtitles and dubbing. The kdrama featured 12 episodes and aired over several weeks, allowing you to enjoy the story repeatedly and join the fan sentiments on social media!

Although the drama has ended, a second season has yet to be confirmed. However, we know that in the future, we will have more Park Solomon content that will continue to delight us and demonstrate his incredible acting talent. If you like the series,  comment your favorite episode!

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