4 Best Places to Go Glamping in Korea

Person walking on a bridge in Sanjeong Lake Park. Image courtesy of @aromdeeman

Let’s Go Glamping in Korea!

For those who have watched a kdrama or kvariety show you may have noticed that the characters or cast go camping… A LOT!

So you may be wondering, is camping popular in Korea?

Yes, glamping in Korea has become very popular. Lately, camping or glamping has been growing in popularity over the years among adults, families, and even teenagers. 

Camping during the spring and early summer as well as fall and early winter are the best times to go in South Korea.

Glamping in Korea

During these seasons, friends and families will get together and go glamping at a camping spot in South Korea. Usually, a little cabin or RV is available, and these small accommodations surround a campfire where you can cook meat, fish, and ramen!

Within Korean culture, it is especially popular to have beer and fried chicken at some of the glamping locations below! And don’t forget to bring your coffee so you can warm up your hands while waiting for the food to finish cooking! 

This Korean travel guide will show you the top 4 best glamping sites in Korea.

What is Glamping?

What is glamping, and where can I camp in Korea? Don’t worry. This Korean travel guide will answer all your questions!

Glamping is a style of camping where the accommodations and available facilities are more comfortable and enjoyable than the traditional style of camping.

No roughening it out here!

Below you can find a few places where you can enjoy the benefits of nature and the outdoors while also being located close enough to convenience stores and bathrooms.

Let’s go glamping in South Korea!

#1 Nanji Camping Ground

Nanji Campground lets you experience the best glamping in Korea if you want comfort and an outdoor sense in Seoul.

One of the most popular and most comfortable locations to camp in Seoul, Nanji Campsite is a great location for a first-time camper.

Located in Mapo-Gu, which is easy to get to by bus, you can bring your tent and stay the night, or you can just come with friends to have Korean bbq and enjoy nature. With convenient stores on the campgrounds, all you need to bring are your friends, some snacks, and a few blankets to have the best glamping experience.

This beautiful campground is also a favorite spot for camping because it sits right alongside the Han River. You can order food right to your glamping location!

Level up your glamping experience with a comfy Palace Excursion Knitted Blanket. With gorgeous traditional print this blanket is sure to make your glamping experience comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Because yes, we know you are going to take all the best selcas with your friends!

#2 Seoul Grand Park

This scenic campsite is known for its lush forest and fresh, clean air. It makes for the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Seoul.

Seoul Grand Park is nestled in the valley of Mount Cheonggye, a perfect place for couples, friends, and families to enjoy nature and cook delicious food. The campsite becomes the perfect glamping in Korea experience for people who wants to spend some time with nature. 

You can enjoy a picnic with friends and work together to pitch a tent that can be rented from the facilities near the campsite.

Seoul Grand Park is the best area if you are looking for all the amenities of glamping but with extra activities like the Seoul Zoo and Garden. It also hosts many who travel to experience the Healing Forest and walk along the barefoot trail.

If you want to bring a gift for your friends during your next glamping in Korea experience grab the Daebak Spring Box! Packed with snacks and goodies straight from Korea, your friends will appreciate a fun winter surprise.

You will have everything you need to have a once in a lifetime glamping experience in Seoul Grand Park.

#3 Muuido Island Garden Campsite

Headed outside of Seoul and into Incheon, Muuido Island Garden Campsite is known for its luxury and is one of the best glamping sites in Korea.

Providing the option for auto camping (where you camp in the back of your car), tent, and villa style camping on Hanage Beach, Muuido Island puts the definition of glamorous into glamping.

Make sure you have everything you need to glamp the right way. Stock up on the best foods for glamping like Buldak Bokkeum Kimchi and Buldak Jjamppong. These flavors are easy to make over a campfire and will fire up your taste buds.

With the same camping opportunities, like laying under the stars, grilling delicious food, and enjoying nature, Muuido Island adds a little extra to the experience.

Besides experiencing the best glamping in Korea, you can also stay at Muuido for a good rest or vacation. You can reserve a stay in a villa that overlooks the Hanage beach or have a room with a view where you can watch airplanes take off and land at the nearby Incheon International Airport.

So, if you are looking for a step up in your glamping experience and want more glam, make sure to book a stay at Muuido Island.

#4 Sanjeong Lake Glamping

Finally, consider Sanjeong Lake Glamping for your glamping sites in Korea. Rich in history, scenic views, and of course, amenities, Sanjeong Lake Glamping is our number one glamping location in South Korea during Autumn and Winter.

Located in Pocheon-Si, Sanjoeng Lake Glamping comes set with already pitched fully furnished tents and beautiful scenic views. Right beside a gorgeous waterfall called Nakcheonji Falls, this is sure to become your favorite place to stay.

Take a hike on the nearby trails, visit a walking bridge that crosses the lake, or check out a few historical sites nearby. Just don’t forget to take a moment to truly appreciate the beauty of Sanjeong Lake, nestled in the valley of Myeongseongsan and Mangbongsan Mountain, and Manmubong Peak.

So grab your ramen, favorite shrimp chips, and tin of Hyori’s Homestay Matches and you are sure to have everything you need to make the most of this beautiful glamping location.

With these locations open all year round where do you want to go glamping in Korea this spring?


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