Pool Party with BTS

Pool Party with BTS

Hello Daebak Fam!

The semester is coming to a close and the summer is finally on the horizon!

We can expect many pool parties this summer, a lot of cookouts and many beach days as facilities and public services open up post-COVID19 restrictions slowly lift. 


At gatherings like these we can also expect designated DJs. After this blog you can feel confident in playing the hottest K-POP songs at your gathering. 


YES! You have heard it all over the world, so of course this retro pop jam is the first to recommend. This catchy song made it to the BillBoard Top 100 and not only that for several weeks stayed as the No.1 on the charts! This was huge! This track is warm and definitely gives summer vibes!  


“ON” sure makes it to the list. This track was the single for BTS’s 2020 album MOTS7. This album was released early 2020 as a comeback album for BTS. In numerous interviews BTS members have expressed that “ON” should be the song to open up their rescheduled tour post-pandemic. This jam is full of energy and fast paced tempo, the perfect song to get the party started. 

Airplane pt. 2:

Airplane pt. 2 is absolutely a song that will get k-POP lovers on their feet dancing. This song talks about singing and dancing all over the world.  Many of us can relate, this song resembles the dream life of many enjoying life at the beach. This song will most definitely be the POOL PARTY JAM that all of your friends will add to their playlist afterwards. Airplane pt.2 was feature in Festa 2018. 

DNA, IDOL, FIRE, DOPE, HOME AND BOYS WITH LUV are a few more that I would like to recommend. These songs are full of energy with the amazing beats and catchy rhythms. These tracks have been ARMYs favorites and have the best choreography to them! Perfect for you and your friends to try and learn the steps at the pool. 

To conclude, BTS is hitting up the warmer days with their new single which is to be released May 21st, KST. 

Which of these hits is your favorite? 

Which one made you an ARMY?

Let us know down below!

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