5 Traveller's Tips to Shopping in Korea: A 2024 Guide for Your Next Trip

shopping in korea

There's no comparing to the feeling of getting to shop in Seoul. For first-time tourists, however, shopping in Korea can be intimidating. 

With so much to choose from, allow the Daebak Company to prepare you with our five tips to make your shopping experience good.

5 Shopping in Korea Tips You Need to Know

Use a Map for Navigation

If it is your first time to visit Korea, navigating your way around Seoul or even Busan can be confusing. 

Downloading Naver Map can save you lots of time. It’s basically Google Maps but for South Korea. You can even type the location in English and Naver Maps will direct you where to go! 

By using Naver Maps, traveling around Seoul will be a breeze.

Person holding brown leather wallet and banknotes
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Bring Cash or an International Card

You can save lots of time and money by simply bringing cash (Korean Won) and/or using an international card. With a card from international banks, like Charles Schwabb, you won’t get charged with an international transaction fee. This will allow you to save money when shopping abroad. 

It also helps to take some time to withdraw cash from an ATM. Many street vendors prefer cash over cards, and it makes it easier for everyone to complete the transaction.

Store with Socks on display
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Don't Forget to Get Some Socks

In some underground markets and many malls, you'll find great deals on socks. These shopping places are also great to shop in during the summer and winter where the temperature is often controlled. 

By Myeongdong station, there is an underground shopping mall that has K-Pop stores, clothing stores, and food stalls. The best deals on socks will allow you to buy up to five pairs of socks for just 10,000~15,000 KRW.

If you personally don't need that many, you can use it to give to your friends as keepsakes from your trip to Korea.

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Staying Cool/Warm While Shopping in Korea

In some parts of South Korea, the weather can get especially hot in summer, up to 35 degrees Celsius. If you’re not used to heat, we definitely recommend carrying a hand held fan before you depart. You can even see many other Koreans use a fan during the day to keep cool. Thankfully, most of the subways have air conditioning so you can take a break when shopping.

On the other hand, the winter season can get really cold in Korea. Unfortunately, not all stores offer heating. Make sure to wear multiple layers of clothing and bring a scarf on your trip. Mittens are also really useful even when you’re drinking an americano in winter.

Olive Young Store
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Shopping in Korea: Must Visits!

shopping in korea

Olive Young

Shopping at Olive Young can make you forget the time. If you're fond of buying beauty and skin care products, you'll love this store. 

Here you can splurge on all your favorite Korean beauty and skincare products. From face masks to makeup and eyeliner, Olive Young has it all. 

If you’re looking for BB cream and sunscreen, Olive Young is the place to be. Plus, they also sell some snacks like bagel chips

If you’re craving some snacks beforehand there’s always time to try out some from the Daebak Company before your trip to Seoul.

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MyeongDong Market

MyeongDong Market is a famous shopping district in Seoul. Not only are there multiple Olive Young branches but lots of other beauty stores like Tony Moly and Nature Republic. The clothing outlets in the market are also the best and always have the trendiest fashion on display. 

Myeongdong is also home to Lotte and Shinsegae department stores, and other luxury shops to check out. Myeongdong offers lots of places to get souvenirs too so make a visit before you depart South Korea.

Gray Building
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Hongdae is famous for its street busking and Korean karaoke or noraebang (노래방). Hongdae also has lots of photo booths to take cute photos with your family and friends.

The nightlife in Hongdae is also big so don’t be surprised if you still see shops still open at 2 am. The shopping never stops in Hongdae. 

Ready to Go Shopping in Korea?

With our five tips, you'll be prepared to go shopping in South Korea. 

We hope these tips have helped you prepare for an enjoyable trip. To have a more convenient shopping experience, you can check out our products at our online store.


How much do you tip a tour guide in Korea?

You should tip between 5-10%.

What do I need to enter Korea 2023?

You need a valid passport and a K-ETA to enter South Korea.

What is Q-code in Korea?

Q-code is a system established by the KDCA in order to shorten the time for quarantine inspection and provide the conveniences overseas entrants require upon entry to the Republic of Korea.

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