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BLACKPINK has taken the world by storm with only four members and a whole lot of attitude. The name fittingly represents the group’s incredible dynamism with doll-like visuals, but also an unshakable fierceness that has led the girls to shift the image of a successful girl group into one that doesn’t fit the traditional mold. From sharing the stage at this year’s Coachella music festival to snatching the title as the first female K-pop group to have a song spend four weeks on the Hot 100 Chart, BLACKPINK has continued to keep the industry on its toes since their debut in 2016. The four members Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa not only bring a fiery presence to the music industry, but also a reputation as undeniable fashionistas.


K-idols spend the bulk of their time venturing through airports to perform for fans across seas. It has become such a common feat that a new trend has developed called “airport fashion.” Many of us travel at wee hours in the morning, prompting our airport looks to not be the most visually-appealing. However, Jisoo has been stylishly rocking a schoolgirl aesthetic in plaid skirts and effortless idol-on-the-go graphic tee and denim ensembles as airport fashion. Her style is indefinable, depending on her mood to decide her style of choice. With a bubbly personality as bright as Jisoo’s, she is often mistaken as a younger member even though she is the oldest. Such spunkiness can be seen in her variety show antics on Weekly Idol and Running Man. On stage, she typically adorns professionally-styled risqué thigh-high boots and corsets whereas off-stage she takes a comfortability-over-cute approach, executing it beautifully.

Are you the type that prefers sneakers over high heels, but wants to incorporate more dainty concepts in your wardrobe? Take notes from Jisoo’s ability to balance sophistication with her own twist of casual, using tennis shoes to artfully tone down a look.


As the first female K-pop soloist to have a music video hit 300 million views, Jennie knows how to make an impact, and her sense of style is no different. Deemed the “Human Chanel,” the biggest designers have taken note of her impeccable style. Her simply-chic-meets-athleisure mash-up exudes elegance while still maintaining a seemingly effortless girl next door vibe. Though Korean street fashion is idolized across the globe, Jennie is her own style inspiration. No matter how simple an outfit, people always seem to love it. Why is that? A major factor is her confidence. If you believe you don’t look good, people will feel the same, so take lessons from Jennie’s confidence and rock your own style!

All of us have days where the only word to describe our mood for the day is: Sweatpants. Although sweatpants come with a stigma of laziness, why not dress them up? Jennie is known for her athleisure looks so give it a try and throw on a blazer with your joggers and transform your look from drab to fab.


Although the group usually sticks with hip-hop themes, Rose’s uniquely honeyed voice fits in just the right places. Fans are attracted her sweet and shy nature that masks her true personality as the energetic “vitamin” of the group. As the saying goes, “There is beauty in simplicity.” That saying holds true in all aspects of life, but especially in the art of fashion, where gaudiness is encouraged. Those like Rose, who can create a beautiful coordination with few pieces are true artists. She fashions a “less is more” approach that allows subtle details to shine through, adding to the overall value. Her airport style often consists of reliable dark jeans and white sneakers, a true American classic.

The contrast between black and white adds an instant touch of posh to anyone leaving room for creative freedom to make it your own. Keep it simple and dress it up or dress it down. Use seemingly opposing colors to create a harmonic ensemble. To add even more flare, allow your accessories or a neutral-toned jacket to be a chic focal point.


The charisma and power oozed from Lisa’s super charged raps is undoubtedly hypnotizing, receiving significant attention throughout Asia and the U.S. However, Blinks know her best as a meme-worthy silly maknae.She is also the voice behind memorable lines such as “Make em whistle like a missile, bomb bomb” from “Whistle,” the Gaon Charts song of the year winner in 2017. She is most notably recognized as the member styled with the most daring and unique streetwear looks for music videos and performances. It’s no surprise that she brings the same hype in her signature looks, including graphic tees and brightly colored tops that never go out of style.

Although black looks good on anyone and represents sophistication, the beauty of summer is the perfect time to shake things up with some color. Psychologists have noted that bright colors are often associated with energy, happiness, and positivity. So, incorporating hues of orange, yellow, and pink in your daily wear not only place you ahead of trends, but it can also be a fun pick-me-up on a not so good day.

The K-pop world is very visually charged so “What’s trending?” is always the topic served daily. However, the BLACKPINK members don’t follow trends, they set them as a challenge to the usual colorful and innocent image projected by many groups today.

Fashion is an art of self expression that allows us to wear our feelings on our sleeves. So this summer give some of these style lessons a try with your own personal flair and awaken your inner fashionista.

Cover Image: BLACKPINK (YG Entertainment)
Written by Serena Jackson

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