Tell Me, Tell Me... More About INFINITE!

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INFINITE is a Korean idol group made up of seven members that made their debut in 2010 with the hit song "Be Mine," which topped the charts in 2011. The group was the first of many to be signed to Woolim Entertainment.

INFINITE has been known for having ‘knife like' dance performances within the Korean music industry. They work hard, and they do it all for their fans who they call Inspirits. INFINITE is also popular for doing well in many variety shows as well as their own. They have at least three shows which showcased the seven members. The list of their appearances as well as their own shows are listed below:

  • MNet You’re My Oppa (2010)
  • MNet Japan Days Of Infinite (2010)
  • MNet Sesame Player (2011)
  • KBS Birth Of A Family (2012)
  • MNet Ranking King (2012)
  • TrunQ Korea Infinite Busan Wish Travel (2013)
  • MNet 10 Days In Japan Story (2013)
  • MNet This Is Infinite (2014)
  • MBC Every1 Infinite's Showtime (2015-2016)

Not only can you see them on their various appearances, but you can also catch them on social media. The members have Instagram accounts and keep fans up to date with what they are doing with official schedules as well as leisure time.

Instagram Accounts:

INFINITE Official Instagram: @official_ifnt_

Sung-Kyu: @gyu357

Dong-Woo: @ddong_gg0

Woohyun: @nwh91

Sung-Yeol: @leeseongyeol_1991

L: @kim_msl

Sung-Jong: @ssongjjong.ifnt

INFINITE hasn't stopped producing music despite the fact that member Hoya officially departed from the group in 2018. Hoya (whose contract ended in June 2017) left the group due to different interests with the company.

They don't stop at just being a Male K-Pop group; some members also have solo music and sub-unit releases as well as acting projects.

Below is a list of videos you need to see to get the full impact of the group!

1. The Eye

2. Tell Me

3. Back

4. Bad

5. Be Mine

INFINITE is a group that is in my opinion, underrated, but hopefully this will help bring awareness to the group and give you something interesting to check out. You will definitely love or grow to love them; I promise!

Cover Image: INFINITE (Woollim Entertainment)

Written by Maegs

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