The Fabulous: A fashion Korean Series You Need to Add to Your Watchlist

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Have you ever thought about what the lifestyle would be like for the fashion industry in Seoul? How about a series that tells you all about this world? Fashion life, luxury, friends, romance, and many adventures will make you enjoy The Fabulous Kdrama.

In each episode, you discover and learn about the demanding life in Seoul, a perfect mix of what you need to watch this 2023. Do you want to know more about The Fabulous? It is definitely a series produced by Netflix that we're sure you'll love! 

What is The Fabulous about?

The Fabulous is a series set in Seoul that presents an excellent opportunity to immerse ourselves in the fashion industry with a mix of romance and comedy! The story welcomes viewers to dreams, love, and friendship within the industry. 

If you’re not convinced yet... What would happen if we told you that a handsome and talented idol appeared in the series?

We've already been telling you the principal theme of the series, fashion life, but what does the story's plot revolve around? Quite simply, four friends between dreams and romances seek to make a life for themselves in the fashion world. At the same time, they deal with demanding jobs, romantic dilemmas, and wild nights in the city.

Spoiler alert! The story focuses mainly on Pyo Ji-eun and Ji Woo-min, a somewhat unusual love but one we love madly because of their chemistry! 

Remember the idol that we mentioned before? Surprise! It's Choi Min Ho. Artistically known as Minho, he is a singer, composer, actor, and model member of the boyband  SHINee. He plays Ji Woo-min. We assure you that from episode 1, you will be in love with her character. He gives us some very striking and convincing views of the series

Best Fashion Moments in The Fabulous

The series is a go-to for fashion inspiration. You should take advantage of every episode since it has a lot of elements and outfits for your everyday look. Even if you dream of becoming a fashion designer or working in this industry, the series will help you get some ideas about this fantastic world!

#1 Ji-eun's Iconic Outfit

Our sweety Pyo Ji-Eun is a perfect and dedicated professional in public relations... Even more when she wears some super fancy Korean clothes that make her a fashion icon. An entrance remarkable and iconic was in the first chapter, appearing for the first time with a white and black Korean outfit mixed with gorgeous boots, a very sexy and legendary character.

#2 Ye Seon-ho's Top Model Looks

Ye Seon-ho is a top model in every sense. We love her outfit and how she looks in every Korean wear during her runway shows. She was an endless inspiration for the fashion world in every scene where she appeared. We couldn't choose just one!

#3 Wearing the wrong color

textures, concepts, and many ways to combine a piece of clothing could be an exciting activity. But what happens when somebody doesn't like a specific color? Any outfit can go down and lose its purpose. That's precisely what we saw in episode 4 with CEO Oh; a beautiful disaster wearing the pink.

How Many Episodes Does The Fabulous Have?

The series was launched on the Netflix platform on December 23, 2022, with a total of 8 chapters, where we will be able to see this group of friends in a constant search for personal and professional fulfillment.

We’re sure to recommend that you watch chapter 1 titled “Dom Pérignon and a Shot of Soju”. The first sample is a pretty compelling start for the series to grab you. Here at a fashion show, Pyo Ji-eun approaches Ji Woo-min, a past love interest. Later, Ye Seon-ho (a top supermodel who forms the squad)confronts her icy lover before Ji-Eun has an important mission.

Meet The Fabulous Cast

We know that all the characters in the series' development are essential. Each was a fundamental part of the story to be a total success. We want you to meet these 4 friends to get to know them more on screen. 

Chae Soobin

As Pyo Ji-eun, Chae Soobin plays the role of public relations manager of a luxury brand agency.

Choi Min-ho

Choi Minho is the co-star of the series named Ji Woo-min, an ambitious Korean fashion photographer.

@ltmo_o TEASER DE 'THE FABULOUS" CON EL ACTOR MINHO DE SHINee 😳🔥❤ #SHINee #ChoiMinho #shawol ♬ Heartbreak - MINHO

Lee Sang Un

Lee Sang Un plays a fashion designer with a meticulous and delicate artistic sensibility named Joseph.

Park Hee Jung

Ye Seon-ho is presented to us as a top Korean fashion model in the industry.


If you are on vacation or have some free time at this time of year, you should watch The Fabulous. We know that the newest K-drama promises to enthrall us with the fashion world in South Korea is being very popular in between loves and unfulfilled dreams through a lot of adventures and funny moments that will make your 2023 most cool!

Did you like the series? comment on your favorite episode and let us know what you love about the series! Remember to visit to find all the kdrama merchandise related to your favorite kdrama series, Kpop articles, and many more surprises!

Cover Photo Source: The Swoonnetflix Instagram account

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