The Namsan Love Locks ❤

The Namsan Love Locks ❤ - The Daebak Company

Fall is here, and White Day comes in just a couple of months! When in Seoul with your loved one, there is an excellent spot to hang out.

Namsan Tower is one of the iconic symbols of Seoul, and the place has become a popular dating site for couples. You get amazing views of Seoul's natural landscapes. In spring, the view glows in green and bright colors of flowers. But the hues of orange and yellow fill the mountains during the Fall season.

How Do You Get To Locks Of Love In Namsan Tower?

The easiest way is to book yourself a city tour bus that goes to the wonderful sights in Seoul, including the Namsan Tower. 

Another way is to go to Chungmuro Station Line 3 or 4 or Dongguk University Station Line 3 to ride a bus to take you to the Namsan Tower. The buses are available from 8 AM until 12 midnight. If you miss the first bus, don't worry! A new bus comes every 5 or 6 minutes.

What to Do in Namsan Tower?

Like the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris, couples, families, and friends buy and seal a lock onto a railing or designated area of the Namsan Tower Locks in hopes of everlasting love.



Besides the Namsan Tower love locks, you can also take romantic pictures, chat, and enjoy the beautiful view of Seoul.

Don't have a romantic partner? That's okay! The Namsan Tower can be visited with friends and family. You can walk around the beautiful area and check out the scenery. Just spending a few hours up near the Tower is a great plan!


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There are different routes for couple and family tours, picnic package programs, and more!


Fun Fact for NCT fans: When the group was filming NCT in Seoul, this was one of the essential landmarks they went to! If you want, why don't you try to find their lock? (Disclaimer: This seems actually impossible.)

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