The Nuclear Noodle Phenomenon 🍜🔥

The Nuclear Noodle Phenomenon 🍜🔥 - The Daebak Company

If you’re an avid K-wave fan or general internet user, you would have definitely heard about the Fire Noodle Challenge, where people attempt to eat the Samyang 2x Spicy Hot Chicken Noodles. Essentially, the Spicy Hot Chicken Noodles is an instant ramen that can come in both a cup or a packet. After the noodles are boiled, the water is poured out and the packet of sauce is mixed in. Do be warned, though, this ramen is infamous for its inhumane levels of spice… but did you know that Samyang doesn’t only sell 2x Spicy noodles?

Aside from the original Spicy Buldak Noodles, Samyang has also released quite a range of flavors. Each flavor presents a unique taste and judging by the sheer number of mukbang videos, the Internet can’t seem to get enough of Samyang’s spicy noodle range. The flavors include Original Hot Chicken, the iconic 2x Spicy Hot Chicken, Jjajangmyeon Hot Chicken, Carbonara Hot Chicken, Curry Hot Chicken, Mala Hot Chicken, Cheese Hot Chicken, Stew Hot Chicken and Ice Type Hot Chicken.

Most of these flavors are relatively self-explanatory, and all are essentially just instant noodles that come with a sauce packet of the corresponding flavor, but you’re probably wondering what the Stew Hot Chicken and Ice Type Hot Chicken flavors entail.

The Stew Hot Chicken flavor is the only one that is meant to be eaten like traditional instant ramen; that is, with soup. The Ice Type Hot Chicken flavor is similar to the original ramen, but it is meant to be eaten as a cold noodle, so the noodles should be placed in an ice bath after being boiled.

In addition to simple instant noodles, Samyang has also released rabokki— instant ramen and tteok-bokki in one. Rabokki currently only comes in three flavors including Original, Carbonara and Jjajang. This is perfect for satisfying late night Korean street food cravings, and will definitely warm you up on a cold Winter’s night.

Samyang’s rabokki really is the best of both worlds!

Samyang has even released bottled nuclear sauce for avid fans of the spicy noodles who wish to drench every consumable food in spicy nuclear sauce! Currently, the bottled sauces are available in Original, Carbonara and 2x Spicy, for those who have an inhumane spice tolerance. Now, you can have basically anything with spicy nuclear sauce!

If you thought Samyang was strictly limited to food, check out the Samyang x TonyMoly collaboration. With the popularity of K-beauty and the viral Nuclear Noodle Challenge, this collaboration was guaranteed to be a success. This collaboration released five items including a cushion foundation, lip balm, lip tint, blush, and makeup puffs. The theme of the makeup lies heavily within deep red tone to emulate the spicy noodles but don’t worry, the makeup won’t cause a burning sensation on your skin the way the noodles do!

In this age of mukbangs and the spicy noodle craze, it’s impossible not to want to at least try one of these items. Let us know in the comments what your favorite Samyang Spicy Hot Chicken Noodles inspired item you most want to try!

Written by Stephanie Leung

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