Top Five K-idols Youtube Channels

Top Five K-idols Youtube Channels - The Daebak Company

When K-idols is not performing on stage, they are sharing their daily lives on their Youtube channel. A few idols in the industry have opened up their own Youtube channel where they get to converse with their fans.

Here are some top five K-idols Youtube channels to check out:

Yuri from Girls Generation

Let's begin with Yuri from Girls Generation. She has opened her cooking channel called Yurihan TV, where she invites guests and teach them some cooking skills she has learned over time. At first, the channel was created back in 2016, but until recently, she started to post cooking videos that caught her fan's attention. It is fun to watch Yuri be a chief and cook various dishes. You can check her video with Tiffany from Girls Generation.

Somin from KARD

If you like beauty related videos, then definitely check out KARD Somin's Youtube channel, Minny J. She creates a lot of beauty-related content, including Make-Up tutorials, skincare reviews, and daily vlogs. Somin is one of the beauty creators you should check out.

Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung is a singer and entrepreneur and has launched her own Youtube channel, Jessica Land. She posts beauty-related videos and daily vlogs, where you can see her daily routine as a fashion designer. You can check out her video with her sister, Krystal, where they play around with pottery and just enjoying their time with each other.

Baekhyun from EXO

Baekhyun opened his Youtube channel last year. Even though he is not continually posting videos every day, he has over three million subscribers. He mostly posts daily vlogs where you get to see his everyday life. Enjoy his video down below:

Solar from Mamamoo

Last but not least, we have Solar from Mamamoo. She launched her Youtube channel, solarisdo, towards the beginning of last year. Her channel name, "solarisdo" appears to be a wordplay that comes from the solfege system as well as her name "Solar." It is fun to watch Solar's channel because she takes on new challenges and shares them with her fans.

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