Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2022 with Daebak!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2022 with Daebak! - The Daebak Company

Are you excited for the upcoming Valentine’s day? Lovey-dovey month, February is here and Valentine’s day definitely takes a big part in February. Majority of people spend their time with their significant other showing love by giving and receiving the gifts they have prepared for each other on Valentine’s day. For those of you who are struggling with which gifts to get for your special person, here is the Valentine’s day gift guide that will help you win over that struggle. However, just letting you know, it doesn’t just have to be your significant other, rather it could be any person you love and care for the following gift guide 😉

Be Mine Set 🥰

Be Mine Set is a special gift set which Daebak has prepared for the ones that are struggling on what to get as a gift. The Be Mine set contains everything you need for a Korean Valentine's Day. Inside the hand-wrapped gift box, there are assortment of chocolate, K-skincare products, and the necessity, flowers, too! 

Love is in the Air 💋

Love is in the Air is a collection of various products from home decor, stationery, etc that everyone would enjoy using! All of these are absolutely lovely products and are the perfect gifts for any people that you guys would want to surprise them with a gift. Butterflies in your stomach as you listen to Our Beloved Summer OST Album with your loved ones! Couple 100 Question and Answers Book is the perfect book to get to know your partner better 💘

Which one would you want to receive as a gift in this lovely collection?

Choco Therapy 🍫

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Valentine’s day? Obviously, chocolate! Daebak’s Choco Therapy has a whole collection of Korean chocolate snacks that are loved by many chocolate and sweet lovers. Pepero, aka. romantic snack is available in this collection Koreans celebrate Pepero can be considered as a romantic snack as you celebrate Pepero Day on November 11th with your loved ones.

Comment which chocolate snacks you would want to eat or try from our Choco Therapy collection!

Sweet Beauty  🍭💄

Sweet Beauty is a curated collection of K-beauty items that are loved by Daebak Fam! Find your favorite new Perfume Body Wash with Jungkook's pick! As 2022 is the year of the tiger, don't miss ETUDE x MUZIK TIGER collaboration and get the Jelly Dewy Tint Tiger Energy 🐯

What do you think about our Valentine’s day gift guide? Can you feel the sweetness for this year's Valentine’s day? We’re very much happy that we are able to ship these lovely products to you guys, Daebak Fam, filled with love and care from us, Daebak company! However, if you haven’t had the chance to experience eating or using any of the products in the Valentine event collections, we assure you that you would not be regretting your purchase for this. There are also many more sweets available in Daebak’s website other than chocolate, for those of you who might not find chocolate as the best, so check those out, too!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Daebak Fam!!!❤️

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