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Whether you have experience dating or not, when it comes to getting to know someone, the first thing that comes to mind is wondering if that person will be a compatible match. People connect and associate themselves with someone through asking questions; But what if two people, who have never met before, ask each other the deepest types of questions that usually don’t get asked until after the third date? If you’re getting to know someone as a friend, these questions may not be asked until the friendship has passed the stage of being more than acquaintances.

YouTube channel GLAM has a series called Open Mind. This series features one man and one woman on opposite sides with plastic boards in between them. This not only keeps the identities of who is on the other side a mystery, but each board that gets taken down represents one step closer to the person on the other side. The boards are removed by one of the participants, after they discuss deep questions that are usually asked on the first date. If either participant wants to end the series of asking questions, that means one of the participants were not willing to date the person on the other side; However, if both participants end up removing all of the boards, that means they have the potential to go on a date. This is based on the series of answers each one gave and the fact that both participants wanted to further the process by taking each board down.

So what type of questions get asked? Are they that deep of questions that go into talking about each others secrets? Let's take a look at some of their most popular videos for this series!


"Did You Finish Military Service..?": In this video, the big question is whether or not both parties would be willing to date, while the man fulfills his military enlistment requirements. Men in Korea have to abide by a mandatory eighteen-month military service; Which is a long time and dating someone within that time-frame can be life-changing. Would dating before and during mandatory military service be a game-changer? What about dating after the man has finished his military service? Find out with this duo thinks about this deep question by watching this video!

"Can You Leave Your Lover For Success?": The question of whether being able to or not being able to leave a lover for success is a big question to ask someone. Everyone has their own aspirations and everyone could be seeking love at the same time. So what happens if there comes a scenario where one may have to choose one over the other? Is it possible to have both at the same time? From this duo discussing their thoughts on whether or not they can forgive a lover for talking behind their back to discussing their history of becoming models and influencers, see what their thoughts are on the question of, "can you leave your lover for success?" by watching this video!

"Can you love despite ugliness?": From looking at each other's daily looks, (pictures of their outfits, without showing their faces) to discussing whether or not they can start dating someone from the day they meet, are just some of the topics that were discussed during this video. Now, is looks everything when it comes to dating? Well, everyone has their own opinions and thoughts to this answer. But as two people who have discussed what their initial thoughts on dating were at a younger age and what their mindset was going into dating someone, what do they think about dating now? Are looks still everything when it comes to choosing someone to date? Check out this duos response in this video!


What other types of content does GLAM create? You can check out their playlist, GLAM Lab! This series includes children and their cute, yet blunt perspective on people, life, and reality! This series is different from the other types of content that GLAM creates. I mean, who could resist cute kids being 100% honest in opinions and thoughts with adults? Especially, on matters that can be sensitive topics for young adults. This video has two kids talking to a young adult about his appearance, personality, dating, marriage, and thoughts on love.

Will these videos get added to your watch playlist? Visit GLAM YouTube channel for more content!

Written by Jenna Tokioka

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