YouTube Channel 'Studio Choom' Brings Dance Performances to a New Level!

YouTube Channel 'Studio Choom' Brings Dance Performances to a New Level! - The Daebak Company

Ever wanted to watch your favorite artist or idol group perform their choreography without the camera cutting to looking at people in the audience? What about watching their performance without all the weird camera angles that don’t show the whole stage? Do you enjoy watching the performances that focus solely on the choreography and the performers? If you said yes to one, two, or even three of these questions, you should check out STUDIO CHOOM on YouTube!

While there are many other YouTube channels that provide videos of idols performing their choreography, the uniqueness of STUDIO CHOOM (“choom” means “dance” in Korean) is the simplicity in the design and camera work of their videos! With nothing in the background, but colorful lights that change colors to the beat of every song that is performed, the idols and their choreography are really the main focus of the video! If there are backup dancers that are part of the performance, they become part of the main focus as well.

Choreography Videos At The Next Level:

The set for STUDIO CHOOM is what sets them apart from other choreography channels and videos! While it is not a dance studio or an actual stage, the open background with colored lights, create a certain mood that also spotlights the dancers -- which is what K-Pop fans want! The studio also provides entertaining content by publishing behind-the-scenes videos of idols and the STUDIO CHOOM crew putting everything together. STUDIO CHOOM's ability to give fans access to how their favorite idols work on-set is an added bonus for watching their content! Here are three other videos to check out!

"Thursday" by GOT7: This casual, yet fun-like setting will definitely get viewers partying it up! From the colorful outfits to the background dancers, everyone looks like they are having fun in this video; So, why shouldn't you?

"Double Knot" by Stray Kids: Want a bop that will get you hyped up? Check out STUDIO CHOOM's video for "Double Knot" by Stray Kids! From the multi-colored lighting to the zoom-ins and zoom-outs of the performance, this video is all out COOL! The camera even pointed out the sharp points of the choreography that dramatically made it better than the music video snippets of their choreography!

"HIP" by MAMAMOO: Where the girls at?! With the ever-growing girl group, MAMAMOO, the four membered idol group captured the mindset of loving oneself through this impactful choreography video! The confidence, the near matching outfits, and the dance moves were always! Gain confidence with this video and song!

What Else Does STUDIO CHOOM Offer?

In addition to celebrity performances, STUDIO CHOOM creates and publishes covers of choreography by other dancers that hits as hard as the idols! There are also covers of English songs that are awesome to watch!

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