YouTube Reaction Evolution: WhatchaGot2Say

YouTube Reaction Evolution: WhatchaGot2Say - The Daebak Company

Do you ever find yourself getting recommendations from YouTube to watch reaction videos? Do you find yourself binge-watching a particular vlogger who ends up becoming a big fan of the groups they react to? Whether or not you have watched reaction videos on YouTube, if you are interested in watching a vlogger who has become a BIG BTS fan, watch Nico on his YouTube channel, WhatchaGot2Say!

HipHop Dancers React:

Trending reaction videos include, choreography performances, lyrical videos, music videos, variety show appearances, and fan-made compilation videos. WhatchaGot2Say’s most viewed video is of Nico, his family, and friends reacting to the easiest-to-hardest choreography performed by BTS. Not only are Nico and his friends great at giving where credit is due, but they are naturally entertaining to watch! Going beyond the barriers of what they thought K-Pop music was and could have been prior to their videos, they present themselves as reactors that are open to watching a group of guys do what they do best and what they love to do.

BTS is Hip Hop:

Another great reason to watch this particular channel is the excitement that Nico and his friends have when reacting to songs and the meanings behind them! They give historical, educational, and entertaining content that some viewers may not have known about hip-hop culture. You may learn a thing or two from Nico and his friends if you did not understand some of the lyrics in the BTS song “Hip-Hop Phile.” They also appreciate the fact that BTS pays homage to the birth and evolution of hip-hop and where the cultural roots stemmed from.

BTS is Home:

If you have not watched WhatchaGot2Say’s videos, watch the journey he, his family, and his friends have gone on in terms of becoming part of BTS' ARMY! Nico was supposed to attend the Map of the Soul Tour and was super excited! Not only would it have been his first live concert, but he stated that BTS was worth seeing in person! He was going to the show because of how much impact the group’s music had on him.

If you are interested in watching WhatchaGot2Say’s content, check out their YouTube channel, and subscribe for weekly content!

Written by Jenna Tokioka

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