BTS are Not Taking a Hiatus, Announces Solo Plans

BTS are Not Taking a Hiatus, Announces Solo Plans - The Daebak Company

On June 14, BTS announced their solo activities at their 9th anniversary FESTA dinner. Instead of telling ARMYs of this news on a Weverse or Big Hit announcement, BTS members decided to bring it up through a dinner with the fans on Youtube. 

BTS told fans that they will be focusing on solo activities for a while. The decision also means they will be living on their own and honing their talents to perform better together in the future. 

BTS are Not Taking a Hiatus but Taking on Solo Activities

Living together for so many years, BTS members have become family to each other. Yet, they are still seven different individuals. 

"To be honest, we have been living together for too long," said RM. "I feel like we are closer to each other now that we live separately."

Other members also agreed that physical distance, instead of hampering their friendship, has kept their hearts closer to each other.

BTS members were emotional during the announcement and shared that it was a difficult decision. They wanted a clear path as a group, and by solo activities, they can create better synergy in the future.

After the announcement during the FESTA dinner, some people interpreted the solo activities as equaling the group's disbandment or hiatus. HYBE, through AP news, clarified that BTS are not taking a hiatus. Instead, the members will focus on solo projects. 

BTS Members Confirm Future Group Activities

Regarding the hiatus issue, Jung-Kook explained in his live stream that BTS is not breaking up, and they still have many group activities to come, like their show RUN BTS! RM also addressed the hiatus rumors on Weverse. 

"ARMY Forever, Bangtan Forever."

While some fans were saddened to know they would see fewer group performances for a while, many still respect and support the members' choices. Some of them even voiced their thanks and support online.

Kickstarting BTS solo activities is J-hope's headliner performance at Lollapalooza 2022. He becomes the first South Korean artist to headline the music festival. Included in the performer lineup is BTS's labelmates: Tomorrow by Together. 

As part of ARMY's support for BTS's decision, they wrote heartwarming messages, took pictures of their BTS merch, and shared them online. They may be pursuing solo growth this time, but as they mentioned in the FESTA Dinner party, they will always be BTS. Before JHope's upcoming solo performance, make sure you get BTS Kpop merch ARMY Bomb light stick at your favorite Kpop store!  

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