BTS serenades ARMYs with the best moment is 'Yet to Come’

BTS serenades ARMYs with the best moment is 'Yet to Come’ - The Daebak Company

The PROOF album's title track features a combination of alternative hip hop, compelling rap verses, and lyrics with a bright invitation to the future. 

BTS's rap line members RM, Suga, and J-Hope, along with MAX, Pdogg, and Dan Gleyzer expressed the most beautiful moments and a hopeful future in Yet to Come.

BTS take a trip down memory lane with latest BTS merch song

The music video took ARMYs on a trip down memory lane with legendary elements from their iconic songs. You can start streaming the Yet to Come MV here:

You can also listen to the songs each member picked in their PROOF album on Spotify. The songs in their anthology album Kpop merch also include 2 new songs: Run BTS and For Youth! 

PROOF is one of BTS Kpop merch with songs specially dedicated to their fans, and For Youth is the new dedication song for ARMYs around the world! Meanwhile, RUN BTS showcases the group's free spirited personalities and hip hop music.

However, the RUN BTS lyrics featuring BTS's earlier days were deemed unfit for broadcast due to some expressions used in the song. Along with Born Singer, you can listen to RUN BTS anytime you want while playing their physical album PROOF BTS merch!

Before the phenomenal comeback, BTS delighted us with English tracks from BUTTER, Dynamite, Permission to Dance, and the BE mini album. They also discussed Asian hate at the White House and inspired the youth worldwide with their speech at United Nations. They also bagged awards in the American Music Awards last year!

BTS winning speech at American Music Awards

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