daebak spring add on sale

Spring Add-on Sale 🌸

Spring is a time for beginning, and The Daebak Company wants to give the Daebak Fam a better experience! We start the year like the Rose of Sharon, bringing beauty and happiness through our Spring Add-On Sale! Discover great pre-sale deals from your favorite and new brands.

Get unique Korean pre-sale items matching your MBTI from MBITZ, cute cat merch from BT21 and Cream Heroes, Kbeauty items loved by Kpop idols from Nacific and Le plein, and new flavors from Samyang!

* Shipping and fulfillment of the pre-sale items will take around 60 days as we will directly work with brands which provides awesome deals for the Daebak Fam. Spring Add-ons Sale would run for 2 weeks, once done, all orders will be forwarded for fulfillment, packing and delivery which would take 4-6 weeks.

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