Daebak Jewelry Collection
Summer 2020

Korean styles for any occasion, delivered once a season

What is the Daebak Jewelry Collection?

Each season, we curate a collection of 4~5 pieces worth over $60 for $29.99, inspired by current Korean jewelry trends in K-pop, television, film, and daily wear.

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What's inside?

Quality jewelry pieces from and made in Korea that are fit for anyone, even those with sensitive ears. Find styles from your favorite idols and actors that take you from day to night and will elevate any outfit.

Curated for You

For sensitive ears

Nickel-free and made of materials like hypoallergenic titanium, we offer you the best at a great price.

Embraces Style

Each box embraces a variety of styles to suit different moods from minimalistic to bold.

Inspired Looks

Our curators are current in contemporary Korean styles and bring you the most popular items from branded to street-style.

*Free shipping. Only available for US customers only (until the post office resumes service). Seasonal plans automatically renew every season. Annual plans automatically renew every year. Cancel anytime.