🦑 Event Period : 11/3 0:00am ~ 11/7 11:59pm (EST)

Squid Game has come to Daebak! Are you ready to play? Inspired by the hit show, we're hosting 2 games this week. Missing out on the game won't turn deadly but you'll miss out on some sweet deals!

EVENT 1. Daebak 456 Race

Daebak's 456 Race is on!
Join the game for a chance to win
4,560 Daebak Points (worth $45.60).

➊ Get everything you want on our site.
➋ The more you buy, the better the chance you have of winning!
➌ We choose one winner every day for 5 days! You can come join in every day.
*Disclaimer: The Daebak Points will be added to your account once your order has shipped. The winners will be announced on 11/9.

EVENT 2. Daebak 456 Time Sale

The game has started! Quick! You only have 24 hours

➊ Make sure to turn on the push notification.
➋ Click the pop-up(or push notification) everyday at 4:56 PM for a surprise sale!
➌ Starting from Nov 3rd until Nov 7th, there will be 3 to 7 items on super sale up to 66%!

Squid Game Scenes