BTS Friendship Tattoos: Celebrating 9 Years of Being 7

K-Pop group BTS during their Bangtan Cheerful Sports Day photoshoot.

It's been 9 years since the k-pop group BTS debuted on June 13, 2013. After a rigorous training period that started in 2010, which cost them their blood, sweat, and tears, the guys have immense international success to show for it. They commemorate their friendship and hard work with the renowned BTS 7 tattoo.

Having an estimated 90 million fans worldwide that BTS has affectionately called Army, BTS has made it clear from day one that BTS would be nowhere without their fans, to which they are eternally grateful. In BTS's song We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal, one of the lyrics says "We are not seven with you", as it expresses that BTS are nothing without Army. BTS friendship tattoos not only signify the countless time and effort put into the bond they share with each other as members but is also symbolic of the bond they've formed with Army.

Who Did BTS' Friendship Tattoos?

Many Army who have been keeping up with the evolution of Jungook’s arm sleeve tattoos may be familiar with the person that did BTS’s friendship tattoos, as it is the same person who retouched Jungkook’s arm tattoos!

Known as Polyc SJ or in Korean 폴릭, Polyc SJ is a tattoo artist who tattoos in Seoul, South Korea. He is well known for his vibrant and colorful tattoos, which find a balance between geometric complexity and simplistic storytelling, coined by him as ‘polygonal-pop.’

His portfolio boasts art on a wide variety of skin colors, something not common for tattoo artists in South Korea. One can commonly see that he lends his love for pop art to a wide range of ideas in his tattoos, and that is by design, as Polyc SJ hopes that people will be able to identify the artist behind the tattoos that he does. 

When it came to BTS's friendship tattoos, Polyc SJ was honored to do them for the group and vowed not to use the tattoos for commercial purposes or to replicate the design on other customers, as to protect the meaning of BTS's long-standing friendship. 

Where Did BTS Get Their Tattoos Placed?

Curious about where each BTS member got their BTS friendship tattoo? It seems each member chose a different location on their body for their tattoo.


RM, the leader, and the first member to join BTS was the first member to reveal his BTS friendship tattoo on June 10. On an Instagram story, he shared a picture that showed his friendship tattoo on the inside of his right ankle. RM's tattoo was actually the second BTS friendship tattoo to be featured on Polyc SJ's Instagram but the first of all the members' tattoos to be mentioned in the recent post series that Polyc SJ is doing to introduce everyone to the BTS friendship tattoos. 

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Suga, also known as Agust D for his solo projects and a member of the rap line of BTS, has not shared with the public where he got his BTS friendship tattoo or a picture of it. Out of respect for him, the tattoo artist has decided not to post it. Suga will often tease during live streams when Army asks where his tattoo is that they should look for it and let him know when they find it.

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J-Hope, the amazingly talented dancer and member of the rap line, got his BTS friendship tattoo above his Achilles heel on the back of his left leg. The placement of his tattoo is quite significant in that he has referred to Army as his "Achilles heel" many times. Achilles heels are vital for walking and dancing, so Army being J-Hope's Achilles heel means that Army are his strength to keep going. He posted his first picture of his BTS friendship tattoo on June 15.

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Jin, the oldest member of BTS known for his stable vocals and the fourth member to join the group, got his friendship tattoo on the left side of his waist, towards his back. Army went wild when Jin initially revealed where he got his BTS friendship tattoo, on an Instagram post, as many are a fan of Jin’s broad shoulders and back. He often remarks during live streams that he forgets he even has a tattoo, as it is out of sight being on his back.

Jin's BTS friendship tattoo was the second one to be revealed on Polyc SJ's Instagram page during the recent series he announced of posting BTS's friendship tattoos. 

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Jungkook, the maknae and member of the vocal line, got his BTS friendship tattoo behind his left ear. He is the member of BTS with the most tattoos.

Polyc SJ showed everyone Jungkook's BTS friendship tattoo on Instagram, in conjunction with showing the cover-up he did for some of the tattoos in Jungkook's tattoo sleeve.  

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V, known for his sultry vocals and equally sultry visuals, has also not shared with the public where he got his BTS friendship tattoo or a picture of it. Out of respect for him, the tattoo artist has decided not to post his tattoo.

V has said on Weverse that his tattoo is on his left buttcheek after a fan inquired about where his tattoo was located. Many fans suspect he was just being "cheeky" just like when he posted on his Instagram story a picture of his BTS friendship tattoo between two moles on his arm, which appeared to just be a seven drawn on his skin with a marker. 

BTS member V
Image from Instagram​​

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Jimin, known for his angelic voice, high register, and ethereal dance moves, got his BTS friendship tattoo on the inside of his index finger, on his left hand. His tattoo was initially discovered by an Army during a performance on the show M Countdown. Jimin actually loved that a fan noticed his tattoo during a performance because the placement of it was intentional so that when he is holding the mic while singing, it is visible.

He posted a picture of his tattoo on Weverse because he said the tattoo was kind of hard to see since his hands are so small. 

A close up of BTS member Jimin
Image from Weverse​​

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The BTS Friendship Tattoos Combined

Polyc SJ revealed in an Instagram story that when all the BTS members’ tattoos come together, it forms 'BTS.' How innovative of an idea to combine their '7' tattoos to say 'BTS', only further driving the point home that BTS would not be the same without all seven members.

A screenshot of Polyc SJ
Image from Instagram​​

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About BTS

BTS is a k-pop group consisting of seven members: RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jin Jungkook, V, and Jimin. Known as one of the biggest boy bands in the world, BTS is known for their chart-topping hit songs like FAKE LOVE, Dynamite, and Butter. The group has a discography that spans multiple genres, appealing to both young and old, with dazzling choreographies that only add to the magic that is their music. Their fans are called Army as they stand behind BTS no matter what. 

Since debuting in 2013, BTS has achieved international success with countless awards and sold-out stadium tours. With millions of fans spanning the globe, and BTS always attributing their success to their fans, BTS's success, now coined the "BTS effect" is often studied by different industries to analyze how a music group that sings mostly in Korean has amassed the level of prosperity they possess. 

With the oldest member Jin enlisting in the military before the end of 2022, group activities will be on a break until 2025, which is when all members will have completed their mandatory military service in South Korea. 

K-pop group BTS.
Image from Naver​​

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