EXO Chen Shares Different Stages of Relationship in Last Scene Album

EXO Chen Shares Different Stages of Relationship in Last Scene Album - The Daebak Company

EXO’s CHEN has just released his 3rd mini-album, Last Scene. The six-track album comes three years after his second mini-album, Dear my dear, which was released in 2019. While he has been releasing songs for an array of OSTs since his last album, he has finally come back in 2022 with Last Scene.

CHEN debuted in kpop boy group EXO, under SM entertainment, in 2012 with the song ‘Mama,’ and has continued to gain worldwide popularity since then. Many EXO members, including CHEN, have recently been pursuing solo projects, including members Kai, Xiumin, and Lay.

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Below is a review of the six tracks on the Last Scene album, so keep reading if you are looking for new songs to add to your playlist this winter and get to know EXO’s CHEN better!

CHEN’s Last Scene Album Review

Last Scene (Last Scene Album Title Track)

CHEN's third mini album, Last Scene, starts strong with the title track of the same name, 'Last Scene.' This song is about a relationship that unfortunately fades out, and the only thing they can remember is the last scene of the relationship when they say goodbye.

The song carries so much emotion and meaning, making it a great track to introduce the rest of the album.  

The music video for 'Last Scene' was released on November 14th, 2022, and has already surpassed 1.3 million views.

Watch CHEN's official music video for 'Last Scene' below!


‘Photograph’ truly deserves to be an OST for any coming-of-age drama. It is a song about youth and looking back at your younger self and realizing how you’ve changed as you grow older.

This is definitely a song that other idols will be able to relate to, as many of them were thrust into the spotlight at a young age and had to give up their childhood to rise to fame.

The song reflects your younger self telling you everything will be alright, and even if you lose yourself along the way, they will always be walking right next to you.

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‘Traveler’ is a more upbeat song compared to the first two tracks of the Last Scene Album. Chen has even said on his talk show, CHEN FM, that he hesitated when putting ‘Traveler’ on the album because it is more cheerful than his other songs.

Needless to say, he made the right decision in adding this refreshing b-side track to the Last Scene album, as it shows a different side to the singer and proves that he can master any genre.

Watch part 1 of CHEN FM below!

I Don’t Even Mind

Written by Kim Jongdae (CHEN) himself, 'I Don't Even Mind' is about unrequited love and how the person you like doesn't necessarily feel the same way about you.

Essentially, the song tells you that you shouldn't mind if someone likes you more than you like them or vice-versa and that you don't have to force yourself to feel the same way towards someone as they do about you.

This track can make it onto any chill or groovy playlist you listen to on the daily.


'Reminisce' is a powerful song about a breakup where you still love each other but must let one another go to be happy.

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This song sends the message that you can still hold onto the beautiful memories you made with the person you loved after your breakup and that it doesn't always have to end so painfully that you can't face each other again.

With lyrics saying, "Bury the little moments behind the clouds like stars, don't try to force yourself to erase them," the song tells you that you can still be happy about a relationship even after it ends.

Your Shelter

‘Your Shelter’ is the last track on the Last Scene album, wrapping it up with an emotional, bittersweet ballad.

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CHEN’s vocals shine through in this song and the rest of the album, showing his talent for singing and songwriting even after being away for so long.

With each track off of the Last Scene album, the EXO member consistently showed fans and listeners his experiences in relationships and dealing with the hardships that come with them.

Through both the highs and the lows, CHEN has shown his unapologetic self through his third mini album, Last Scene, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

Here are my rankings of the songs from the 'Last Scene' album:

  1. I Don’t Even Mind

  2. Reminisce

  3. Traveler

  4. Last Scene

  5. Photograph

  6. Your Shelter

Let us know your favorite songs from the 'Last Scene' album down below!

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