The Rose Heal Album: A Healing Comeback

The Rose Heal Album: A Healing Comeback - The Daebak Company

The Rose is back! After a two-year hiatus, The Rose releases an album, prepares for a world tour, and stays connected to their fans like never before. Discover The Rose Heal Album here!

The Rose HEAL Album

HEAL Album Tracklist

The Rose's first full-length studio album, "HEAL," was released on October 7, 2022. 

8 of the 10 titles of the songs on The Rose album tracklist have been revealed.

The Rose has said since they started their band, their main message for music was healing, and as they go into their second chapter as a group, that message is what they want to focus on, especially with the HEAL album.


The single and music video for "Childhood," one of the songs on The Rose HEAL album, was pre-released on September 15, 2022. 

The video is artistically abstract and slightly haunting but also gives a feeling of familiarity. It features a diverse set of classical dancers against the comforting and soothing vocals of the members as they all run through a picturesque forest and open fields.

The song from The Rose new album begs the listener not to forget their Childhood, further suggesting that they start healing their inner child. It shows how they allowed themselves to give in to some of those childlike desires they may miss or may have missed out on, despite the harsh reality of the world that we are living in today. 

Watch the official music video for Childhood and let the nostalgia of the melody take you back to simpler times of being a kid. 


"Sour" is the HEAL album's title track. Catch the release of the Sour official music video on October 7th at 11 on The Rose's official youtube channel.

Where Can I Get The Rose's HEAL album?

Don't miss out on the opportunity to preorder The Rose HEAL album before it sells out! The Daebak Company allows you to pre-order one version of The Rose's HEAL album or if you want both versions of the album, you can pre-order the set!

The Rose HEAL album comes in two different versions: a 96-page photobook, a cd, 2 random polaroid photocards out of 10 possible designs, and a sticker sheet.

Each version comes with a different concept design for the photocards so if you're an avid photocard collector, make sure you get both versions during The Rose HEAL album preorder!

While you're waiting for your k-pop album to ship to you, you can pre-save the Rose HEAL album to instantly be added to your music library when it's released.

The Heal Project

The four members of The Rose on the beach during filming of The Heal Projecy.
Image from The Rose's Official Twitter Account​​

In preparation for their highly anticipated comeback, The Rose announced The Heal Project.

The Heal Project gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of their HEAL album and how the group continues to embody their long-held belief that "music heals."

Check out the first episode of The Heal Project, where the members reunite for a glamping trip and discuss the direction they want to take with the new album, ensuring that it's a cohesive fan and artist project that everyone can relate. 

The Rose Lightstick

Every K-pop fandom anticipates the release of their fave group's lightstick, and Black Roses are no exception! 

The Rose Official Light Stick standing up next to the box it comes in, with the wrist strap included with it sitting in front of the box alongside the information packet about the light stick.
Image from The Rose's Official Website​​

The Rose Official Lightstick pays homage to The Rose's fandom with a black rose placed in the middle of it, The Rose's name printed underneath it on a white base, all the while nestled under a clear dome. The lightstick handle is black and comes with a wrist strap, with a monogrammed "The Rose" on the end of it, to connect to the handle.

The lightstick is capable of four colors in light mode: red, blue, pink, and green, as well as an option to rotate automatically through those colors. The lightsticks require 3 AAA batteries, so make sure you stock up before seeing The Rose on their HEAL TOGETHER world tour. 

Pick up a lightstick from The Rose's official website so you'll have some The Rose k-pop merch just in time for their upcoming world tour!

The Rose Heal Together World Tour

The HEAL TOGETHER World tour kicks off in Chicago, Illinois on October 11, 2022. With over 30 shows during the tour, most shows in North and South America, as well as Europe have already sold out due to high demand. Tour dates in Asia have yet to be released. 

In addition to general admission tickets, The Rose are offering a VIP package during their tour that includes a ticket, as well as express venue entry, a meet and greet with a Q&A session after the concert, a photo with the group, a signed poster, and an official lanyard.

Gifts will not be accepted by the members during the tour but they can be mailed to this address: 150-ho, B1, 19 Seonyoo-ro 47-ghil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea (JUMP 237, 4-ga, Yangpyeong-dong, Wooshin Highland). 

Discord Album Listening Party

The Rose is the first ever verified k-pop group on Discord. With over 50,000 Black Roses in their discord channel, The Rose has revolutionized the way artists interact with their fans. They stay active within their discord channel by dropping into their individual channels weekly for 15 minutes just to engage with their fandom.

Join the members of The Rose in their Discord Channel for their HEAL - Album Listening Party taking place on Friday, October 7th. 

Enjoy The Rose HEAL album with other Black Roses and get the opportunity to ask the members questions about their new album as well as The HEAL Project. 

About The Rose

The four members of The Rose posing for a black and white photograph, dressed in suits and ties.
Image from The Rose Official Twitter Account​​

The Rose is a four-member, South Korean band, whose genre can be described as a mix between k-pop and rock. They debuted in early August of 2017 with their first single "Sorry". 

The members are lead vocalist and electric guitarist Kim Woosung, main vocalist, keyboardist, and acoustic guitarist Park Dojoon, drummer, sub vocalist, and rapper Lee Hajoon, and sub vocalist and bassist Lee Jaehyeong. 

The Rose has released three single albums: Sorry, Like We Used To, and Red. The Rose has also released two mini-albums aka EPs: Void and Dawn

Some of The Rose's popular singles are "Red," "Sorry," and "She's in the Rain"

The Rose were formerly under the J&Star Company but filed a lawsuit against them to terminate their contract after allegedly not having been paid since their debut, despite still being obligated to participate in a rigorous schedule. 

The group released the single "Black Rose," a song dedicated to their fandom, seemingly to assure their fans that they were going to be ok and that they were going to return with more music. 

During Woosung's solo promotions for his single "Lazy," he shared during an interview that the lawsuit was settled and the members had been released from their contract. 

The last project The Rose participated in under J&Star Company was their single "Beauty & The Beast" and it was also the last project the members participated in before 3 of the 4 members went to do their mandatory military service. 

 The Rose are now signed to their own self-made label, Windfall and have partnered with Transparent Arts, a label created by the group Far East Movement, for representation. 

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Let us know in the comments what comebacks you're excited for and what new songs you have on repeat.


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