Diversity in the Spotlight: Can You Identify Which K-Pop Group Offers Inclusive Lightsticks?

K-pop Lightsticks

K-pop lightsticks are not just mere glow sticks for the concert but also a way to show unity and love. The groups have unique and different lightsticks, so it isn't easy to choose the prettiest K-pop lightsticks, but among them, there has been one that has taken the spotlight and stood out in the crowd proudly.


K-Pop groups are ruling over the world with their music, dance, and their other endeavors side by side and expanding their fandom to an unimaginable level. Their spotlight position, however, is not just determined by their songs and performance but also through the things they are associated with or through which they connect with their fans, and one of the most important and popular of all is the K-Pop lightsticks.


K-Pop Lightsticks are not just beautiful sticks with light and of some shape but are an identity for the K-pop group and their fans who want to be associated with or feel close to the group in some way. They are a way of communication between both, and thanks to the era of technology, these K-pop lightsticks have connected fans with their idols while being at home in any part of the world.

The music industry has evolved with the changing time, and so has the K-pop lightsticks. Be it in terms of shapes, color, meanings, technology, and so forth, these K-Pop lightsticks have become a symbol for the group that tells a lot about them. All the groups, be it BTS, EXO, BlackPink, TXT, or any K-pop group, have their trademark- the K-Pop lightsticks. Though all the lightsticks are unique and beautiful for the fans, their favorite groups have the prettiest K-pop lightsticks, and we cannot agree more because that is what love for the idol and the group means. 

Talking along the lines of K-pop lightsticks and their evolution and changes, the agencies of the K-pop groups have always tried to bring something unique in these K-Pop lightsticks that resonate with the idols and their differences, stand out in the crowd, and have something special that it becomes the spotlight. And in doing so, one of the K-Pop groups has undoubtedly taken the spotlight for coming up with an all-inclusive lightstick. The group to develop one of the most innovative K-Pop lightsticks is the most renowned, versatile, and loved AYA girls; you guessed right, it is none other than Mamamoo.

Mamamoo comprising of Hwasa, Solar, Moonbyul, and Wheein, is a girl K-Pop group in Korea known for their power-packed performance and confident songs, some of the popular being Mr. Ambiguous, Hip, Aya, Gogobebe and the newly released Illella. The group was formed by Rainbow Bridge World in 2014. And since then, the members have been unstoppable both as a group and as an individual artists garnering a huge fan following worldwide.


Mamamoo, just like various other music groups, has also been famous for their lightstick among the various K-pop lightsticks. Their K-Pop lightsticks come in the shape of a radish called a moo in Korea, translating to radish in English. They come in a green and white adornment top that is shaped like a radish. The fun design is not the only thing it has been famous for since its release in 2015, making it prominent and easily recognizable.

Still, with some additional modifications and a relaunch in 2017, it gained even more attention. Though the improvements were all internal and did not change its look and included 256 options of colors for users as a change, one change, in these K-Pop lightsticks in particular, gained a lot of attention. The reason was that it became the first K-Pop lightsticks to be inclusive.

Being counted as one of the prettiest K-Pop lightsticks among many now, it stood out above all, becoming inclusive. Now you must be thinking that in what sense did it become inclusive? Well, we are here to give you all the details. Fans, be it anyone, has the right to enjoy the performance and concerts of their favorite groups, and K-Pop lightsticks are a part of the fun. Keeping this in mind, the group came up with the feature of vibration in the lightstick as a step to show love and care for people with disabilities. The feature helps the fans with hearing or eyesight impairment to get notified when they will have to cheer for the group, as the lightstick has a vibrating motor that will vibrate, signaling the fans to cheer. This way, the group has not just extended its love to all its fans but has also become a group with unique inclusive K-pop lightsticks for its fans.

This, coming from Mamamoo, can be seen as a great attempt but not a surprise for the fans as they have always been very open in showing their love for people with disabilities in any way they can, like Wheein once communicated with a fan through sign language. They even incorporated sign language in the choreography of the song Starry Night. Including a vibration feature in a simple thing like a K-Pop lightstick has been their effort to show support but, at the same time, comes as a positive way to raise awareness towards disability. It has even addressed discrimination through a simple improvement and has spread the message of equality. 


Addressing these things and spreading awareness can be done in the slightest way possible, which is what Mamamoo as a group has proved. Love, care, and support from their side had all been addressed and shared through simple acts like inclusivity in K-pop lightsticks which has brought smiles to many faces. This act, in turn, has brought Mamamoo into the spotlight without words.

Many might need to pay more attention to intricacies, but for some, they can change a lot of things and make them feel happy and included, be it in the form of a vibration feature in the K-Pop lightsticks, for that matter. Mamamoo, through this, has also proved that they never had or will fail to appreciate their fans and all the support and love they shower on the group that has brought them to such heights. 

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