SUGA D-Day announced and People pt. 2


As everyone knows, both K-pop fans and heathens, BTS, will enlist in the military, not all together but still in a short time, as they have made quite clear their intention of being back together in 2025.

Jin has already enlisted in December, and J-Hope has recently revealed that he will be the second member to enlist, even though the date is not precise. 

He has started the process and showed us his new haircut in a recent Instagram post.

For what concerns SUGA, the date of his enlistment still seems a bit far, considering he will tour around Asia and USA this summer, but let's go more in-depth about D-Day and everything else surrounding this project.

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What we know about SUGA's D-Day:

Firstly, D-Day is the closing album of the trilogy started in 2016 by Min Yoongi under his alter-ego name Agust D, with the album of the same name.

The album was released on Soundcloud as a mixtape and solo project and was quite different from the music BTS produced, not only for its aggressiveness but also for its rawness.

In particular, Agust D shows off not only SUGA's incredible rapping skills but his undeniable rage towards the many haters BTS had, as well as the critiques BTS's rap line, and in particular, he and RM faced as former underground rappers.

In The Last, instead, what shocked the listeners at the time was the openness with which SUGA spoke about his mental health struggles, a general theme very dear to BTS but a vast taboo in South Korea.

Four years later, Min Yoongi released his second album as Agust D, D-2, a more mature and quite less angry album, except for its infamous title track, Daechwita, a full-on dissing track in which SUGA shames, once again, BTS haters, this time focusing on the ones who prefer to blame their lack of success on them rather than actually recognizing their shortages.

SUGA D-2 album is full of exciting and beautiful songs, some of which caused quite an uproar, like What Do You Think?, which sparked heated arguments due to its Jimmy Jones' sample, later removed, but despite everything, the album still became a staple in ARMY's hearts.

Among the most appreciated songs are Honsool and People. SUGA decided to make a part 2, released on March 7th.

As SUGA stated during his interview with IU on Palette, this album will probably, be the end of Agust D since this alter ego was mostly born to allow him to express all of his repressed feelings and to regain a sense of freedom from the restraints of his career, feelings that he doesn't hold anymore, SUGA is now comfortable in his own skin and ready to start a new chapter.

We currently know that SUGA's D-Day will contain 10 tracks, as announced on Weverse by Hybe.


SUGA's new album will be released on April 21st together with the Main Track's official MV, 해금 (Haegeum), a word which holds a double meaning. Haegeum means both a traditional Korean instrument and allowing something that was forbidden.

SUGA also revealed that the song will have similarities with his previous main track Daechwita, due to the use of traditional instruments and that, theme-wise, it will express his need to break free from any restriction in music as he did when he was younger and used to play rhythm games on his phone, in which reaching a new level means unlocking new forbidden music.

It was also revealed that on April 25th, another MV track will be released.

SUGA D-Day Documentary:

SUGA also announced that his journey in producing this album, his collaborations with other artists, and his travels, all the things that inspired him to create D-Day, will be narrated in this documentary, available on Disney+ from April 21st.

사람 pt. 2 (People pt.2):

Released on March 7th, People pt. 2 had everyone's expectations high since the announcement of IU's participation in the song.

In fact, SUGA and IU's previous collaboration, Eight, was a huge success, and IU recently performed the song at her Seoul Stadium concerts.

People pt.2 has many similarities with Eight in its easy and calming sound, but while Eight is a much more melancholic song, People pt. 2, despite its similar themes, has a much more positive vibe overall. 

People pt. 2 has, as SUGA himself admitted, a connection to his previous song, People. This song also revolves around human relationships and how they change and develop as we change ourselves. 

People, in particular, focused on how this constant change and the perception of ourselves can sometimes hurt us, but we have to accept it as it is a fundamental part of our life.

SUGA's People pt. 2 develops the theme even more deeply, adding to the idea of human relationships, the concept of what love is to us, how much love shapes the person we become, and how much we fear loneliness and end up being greedy in love for this reason.

People pt.2 is a fantastic song, and ARMY surely were not disappointed by this SUGA release. In fact, it only increased their curiosity about D-Day! 

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