5 Korean Halloween Gift Ideas for Friends, Family, and Yourself!

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Halloween is the time for trick or treating, but kids are not the only ones you should surprise with treats and sweets! It is also the best time to send your family, friends, and yourselves some spooktaculiar Halloween gifts.

If your loved ones treasure everything about Korea, you can plan a perfect trip from our Halloween in Korea blog. But travels to Korea are not the only Halloween gift ideas with which you can surprise your loved ones! So here are a couple of daebak Halloween gifts with a Korean twist!

5 Korean Halloween Gift Ideas

#1 Kdrama Boo Basket

Kdrama fans have their list of supernatural, thriller, and horror series and movies they love, so how about sending them a basket packed with Kdrama merch? Some kdrama Halloween boo basket ideas for friends are items from Squid Game, All of Us Are Dead, It's Okay Not to Be Okay, and Sweet Home

Include a couple of costumes from their favorite Kdrama stars to prepare them for a Kdrama-themed Halloween party! 

Adorable Halloween gift ideas from their favorite kdramas will surely make them happy. Halloween is not only for horrors, so mix in a couple of charming items like Kdrama plushies and merch from Yumi's Cells or Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young-Woo

If you do not have enough time to pick items one by one, how about getting Kdrama gift sets instead?

#2 Halloween Candy Bags

Halloween is not complete without Halloween candy gifts! For first time Korean snackers, you can shop from our Halloween 2022 collection to pick the best sweet treats to complete your Halloween candy gift bags ideas. 

You can also mix Halloween candy treat bags with spicy and hot items from Samyang to recreate hell's kitchen for your Halloween parties! Do a Fire noodle challenge to add a Korean mix to your Halloween challenges. 

#3 Halloween Care Package

Another surprise you can get for your friends and loved ones are getting them the best Halloween care package filled with Korean items! Not everyone is having a good day, so send them an amazing Korean snack box like SnackFever or go for a Special Hallowen kit packed with themed treats!

Other Halloween care package ideas should also include healthcare items! Get Lemona and MyNi vitamin sets, or choose healthy drinks from Teazen

Halloween is also a time for creative makeup, but it can be a scary moment for your friends to keep their skin healthy. Add the best Halloween makeup items with Korean skincare items for their 10 step Korean skincare routine too

#4 Pet Spooky Basket

Can't think of a spooky basket gift for your pet-lover friends? The best Halloween gift ideas for pet lovers are bootastic costumes! Get a pumpkin costume and add a couple of toys for their fur babies.

Or pick Hanbok costumes from Yitzdog to get them ready for your kdrama Halloween costume party!

#5 Kpop Halloween Loot Bags

Are you launching a Kpop-inspired Halloweed party? Don't forget to get your guests the best DIY Halloween loot bag! Like fan events and kpop concerts, some kpop Halloween loot bags ideas are small kpop merch.

Send them your friends Halloween sets of their kpop group's favorite items like Jungkook's Teazen pick or a BTS snack kit!

Make it memorable by adding one or more kpop jewelry items to level up their Halloween kpop outfit from BTS, Red Velvet, ITZY, IVEBLACKPINK, IU, and more!

For more Halloween gift ideas and discounted items, visit our Halloween 2022 collection! Get themed snacks, celebrity items, makeup products, and pet gifts. 

Don't miss out on Halloween giveaways and live Halloween party on our Instagram and other SNS accounts too! You may just get the ultimate Halloween surprise.


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