Beat the Summer Heat with this Fish Ice Cream Korean Treat!

Beat the Summer Heat with this Fish Ice Cream Korean Treat! - The Daebak Company

Many of us desire a refreshing and cooling snack known as ice cream in the summer, and South Korea may have just invented the coolest way to bring it to us! The fish ice cream Korean treat is a twist on the standard ice cream, shaped like the must-try Korean street food: bungeoppang

Bungeoppang is a crispy, hot fish-shaped pastry with a red bean filling. Bungeo means “crucian carp,” and ppang equals “bread.” It’s been sold and made in many Korean households since the 1930s, similar to the Japanese taiyaki.

Available Flavors of the Korean Fish Shaped Ice Cream

Chocolate syrup with vanilla ice-cream

Strawberry syrup with vanilla ice-cream

Green tea ice-cream with red bean paste

Other Variations of the Fish Ice Cream Korean Treat

With the popularity of Korean health snacks and cuisines, these sweet treats are available in grocery stores worldwide. Look for the SAMANCO brand, and you will surely experience an authentic Korean fish shaped ice cream treat!

We can't deny how appetizing and aesthetically-pleasing fish shaped ice cream Korean snacks are! So to bring the experience to your homes and not just your tummies, South Koreans also made it possible for you to enjoy the Korean ice cream snack in different ways!

As Snacks

BTS members love snacking before or after their performance, and you can see how BTS Jung Kook devoured ice creams in one of BANGTAN TV's Bangtan Bomb episodes, including the fish shaped ice cream Korean sweet snack!

The ice cream shaped like bungeoppang inspired companies to turn this fish ice cream into snacks. No need to worry about freezing and long storage! 

You can munch on Orion Fish-shaped bread! It is a combination of bungeoppang and its fish ice cream Korean treat counterpart. Instead of the traditional red bean filling, it has a chocolate flavor that would taste like when refrigerated though customers love it as it is. It also has a chewy waffle like the ones in bungeoppang!

orion bungeoppang fish shaped bread

As Everyday Items

The fish ice cream Korean treat is just so cute, so why not turn it into an everyday item? If you love the fish design so much, there are available items in The Daebak Company shop that you can add to your home or carry anywhere! 

Have you seen the RM wind chime product from the BTS ARTIST-MADE collection? It's so adorable that it is not currently sold out! But you can also get yourself notified when it's available again. 

RM Wind Chime from ARTIST-MADE Collection

The RM wind chime is one of the most popular home decor for ARMYs worldwide and it reminds them of bungeoppang and the fish ice cream Korean tread on a hot summer day.

RM Wind Chime Fish-shaped

Fish-shaped Kitchen Sponge

How about taking the fish ice cream Korean dessert to the kitchen? You can level up the aesthetics of your cleaning items with the fish shaped kitchen sponge. Use it for cleaning or simply as kitchen decor!  Each sponge comes with a paper bag wrapper to remind you of the fish shaped ice cream pastry.

Fish-shaped sponge in a bunggeopang wrapper

Now that you’ve gotten an insight on the fish ice cream Korean snack, make sure to add these to your shopping list. As the summer is creeping right behind us, you can search for Korean health snacks at The Daebak Company so you won’t have to sacrifice the fun of snacking and your diet!

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