BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself [The Final] Concerts - A Journey Through the Mikrokosmos with BTS and Army

BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself [The Final] Concerts - A Journey Through the Mikrokosmos with BTS and Army - The Daebak Company

There is truly something special about seeing one of the world's biggest groups play in their home country. Over 130,000 BTS fans got to experience that magic with the three-day finale known as the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final] concerts. 

Held in Seoul at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium, the BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself final concerts ended the Love Yourself era after completing the Love Yourself world tour and the extended stadium tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself. 

After taking Army through a journey of learning to love themselves by expressing the most vulnerable moments, there was no better way to reflect on how far both BTS and Army have come than to commemorate their journey through the mikrokosmos together with a series of final concerts. That said, this may be the end of the tour. Still, it's just the beginning of what is yet to come. 

BTS World Tour: Love Yourself

Consisting of 42 shows in over 10 different countries, The Love Yourself World Tour was the most successful tour BTS has completed. Attended by over 2 million fans and having over 30 sold-out shows, the tour speaks for itself as to why in 2019, the Love Yourself World Tour was awarded "Tour of the Year" at the American Music Awards. 

BTS perfoming on stage at Citi Field Stadium in New York during the BTS World Tour Love Yourself on October of 2018.
Image from BTS Diary​​
BTS World Tour Love Yourself North America tour poster with BTS sitting within a field of flowers with tour dates and cities printed above their heads.
Image from BTS Fandom​​

BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself

An overhead shot of the sold out Metlife Stadium in Rutherford, New Jersey during the BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself tour in May 2019.
Image from Official BTS Twitter​​
BTS World Tour Love Yourself Speak Yourself tour poster with BTS sitting in a field of flowers looking up at the camera. The Tour dates and cities are printed below them on the bottom of the poster.
Image from BTS Fandom​​

The BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself was a stadium extension of the Love Yourself World Tour. This extended tour consisted of four legs and had a total of 20 shows. BTS again sold out most of their shows for the tour extension, prompting them to add additional days to the tour to allow more fans to get tickets.

 During this stadium extension of the tour, we got the heartwarming video of Army singing Young Forever to BTS during 'Army Time' at Wembley Stadium in London. 

BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself [The Final]

BTS is known for finishing their tours back where it all started for them: in South Korea. International fans have been said to be jealous of the productions that turn into mini-festivals when BTS performs back in Korea. 

This idea of turning the city where they are holding their concert into an actual festival only continued to evolve with the PTD concert series turning Las Vegas into Borahaegas and the Yet To Come concert in Busan turning the city purple. The Event Zone for the BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself was the beginning of changing how artists engage with their fans by making a concert an entire experience. 

A display with the BTS World Tour Love Yourself Speak Yourself in the Sports Complex Subway Station near Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea.
Image from Daebak Intern Gemini Moore​​

Event Zone

As fans walked up to the Jamsil Olympic Stadium, fans with fan-made merch for sale lined the road and happily greeted fellow Army with tons of freebies such as BTS Lover Yourself photocards and snacks. Seeing so many people from different countries come together to enjoy a BTS concert was truly amazing.

A BTS World Tour Love Yourself Speak Yourself The Final concerts banner hanging underneath the Olympic rings on the Jamsil Olympic Stadium.
Image from Daebak Intern Gemini Moore​​

The first place fans came across was the Ticket Box, where every fan had to present their ID to receive their ticket. One of the perks of concerts in Korea is personalized tickets. Once you've received your ticket, you can head towards the Official Merchandise Zone to buy official BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself [The Final] merch.

Daebak Intern Gemini Moore
Image from Daebak Intern Gemini Moore​​

They made it super easy to buy merch by not only passing out a merch catalog beforehand. You could browse it and then mark what merch you wanted to purchase along with the quantity, making the line up to the merch table move quickly. 

Once it was your turn, you could hand your merch catalog to a staff member, and they would collect your merch and hand it to you after you paid. Some of the merch included exclusive mini photo cards, posters, hoodies, and keyrings. Fans could also order merch online on the Weverse Shop app and pick it up at the venue.

A sign outside of the Jamsil Olympic Stadium showing the colored paths to follow to get to various spaces around the stadium for the BTS World Tour Love Yourself Speak Yourself The Final concerts.
​​Image from Daebak Intern Gemini Moore
A sign showing the time table of events for the Event Zone outside of Jamsil Olypic Stadium as well as a map of the Event Zone.
​​Image from Daebak Intern Gemini Moore

The next space fans came across was the ID Verification Zone and that was just to ensure that the ticket holder was the one attending the concert. 

Next to the ID verification tents was the Food and Beverage Zone. There were multiple food trucks to choose from to satisfy a wide variety of taste buds. The menus included pizza, stir-fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, bento box, churros, shrimp fried rice, beef rice ball, hamburger, steak, americanos, coffee lattes, black sugar lattes, blueberry juice, grapefruit ade, and ice tea. 

The actual Event Zone was an Army playground! The Weverse mobile app provided up-to-date wait times for each booth within the Event Zone. The space included a VT Cosmetics tent, a Lotte Duty-Free shop tent, a Love Myself campaign tent where Army could learn about BTS's partnership with UNICEF, and a photo wall. 

There is also an Army wall where fans were able to write personal messages to BTS, a random photocard dispenser machine, a BTS photo studio where fans could take virtual reality photos with a BTS member of their choosing, and a relaxation area with Bodyfriend massage chairs. If you need to learn how to use an ARMY bomb, there was also an ARMY Bomb pairing station.

Day 1

Day 1 of [The Final] in Seoul was a chilly day for a concert being held in the open-air Jamsil Olympic stadium. Because of the cool weather, BTS provided fans attending the show with an exclusive BTSxFILA collab lap blanket. The blankets were placed in each chair for fans to grab as they got to their seat. 

A BTSxFILA collab blanket that was given to Army on Day 1 of the BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself The Final concerts because it was a chilly day.
Image from Daebak Intern Gemini Moore​​

Day 1 was live-streamed on the V Live app and could be viewed anywhere in the world with internet access. The concert started with never before seen VCRs, videos they played before and between sets, which surprised fans as they differed from those shown during the previous Love Yourself tour dates. 

The iconic stage for Dionysus was complete with larger-than-life silver panther balloons with ferocious expressions. The stone table and chairs fans are used to seeing in BTS's Dionysus performances against a Greek temple backdrop were also seen and used as a focal point for their performance. A special treat fans get during BTS concerts is unreleased tour remixes of some of their songs, and Dionysus is one of them.  

Dionysus is a Greek God used to represent liberation. He is often portrayed in paintings and sculptures with exotic animals, and when pictured with a panther, it emphasizes his carefree and wild nature. The song's title and choice of set props coincide with the wild, high-energy performance. The members were all outfitted in dark-colored suits for this song performance and later went into performing Not Today and Outro: Wings.  

fireworks at the BTS Love Yourself tour
Image from Official BTS Facebook​​

A highlight from Day 1's performance of Trivia 起: Just Dance was J-Hope coming out in his dapper yet risque red suit, with a matching vest. If you don't see a shirt underneath his vest, he didn't wear one. It had the entire stadium buzzing with surprise!  

He performed part of his performance on an elevated part of the stage. He amazed everyone with his solo performance that wouldn't be a Hobi performance without his mesmerizing dance moves. He even took a moment to take out his inner earpiece to hear the crowd chanting his name. 

BTS Jhope in red suit during the Love Yourself world tour
Image from Official BTS Facebook​​

A review of the Love Yourself Speak Yourself final concerts would only be complete by mentioning Jungkook's iconic performance of Euphoria. The song and choreography all on their own were excellent but what really caught everyone's attention was Jungkook flying across the stadium via a harness attached to his waist.  

Outfitted in all white on day 1, he looked like a literal angel as he flew across the stadium. He mentioned how much he missed everyone and how beautiful everyone looked that night as he took the skies.

BTS Jungkook in in a white suit during the Love Yourself Speak Yourself the Final
Image from Twitter​​

If you've never been to a concert in South Korea, you may be shocked that the concert etiquette there is a little different than in the United States. While we often stand for the entire concert in the states, in South Korea, you are often sitting for most of the concert unless you are asked to stand by the artist or group you are watching. 

BTS asked fans to stand for their performance of Best of Me, and the entire stadium jumped with excitement during the performance.  

A crowd of Army waving their Army bombs during a performance by BTS during their BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself The Final concert.
Image from Official BTS Facebook​​

Watching BTS Jimin start his Serendipity performance in a bubble that he then pops to come out of is one of the most ethereal things to watch. The mix of lyrical and hip-hop moves he uses within his choreography as bubbles filled the stadium, alongside his angelic vocals, made the performance seem like something out of a dream you didn’t want to wake from. Like Jungkook during his solo performance, Jimin wore all white. 

During RM's Trivia 承: Love performance, he wore a jean jacket with the word 'love' adorned in different languages and colored threads. His performance was made extra special by incorporating AR 3D graphics he interacted with on stage. At one point, he even had different languages of the word love swirling around over his head that then turned into the Army symbol, almost to say that Army is love.  

It was an experience that you had to be there for to truly appreciate. BTS RM ended his performance with a personalized message on the screen to Army, saying, "서울만큼 아름다운 여러분 사랑해요" which means "You, who are beautiful as Seoul… I love you."

RM then changed into a pink jacket and walked down the extended stage, back to the main stage, as he collected the other BTS members from the side of the stage in preparation for their Boy With Luv performance.  

Boy with Luv is always a high-energy, fun performance where you can see the guys joking around and having fun with each other during the choreography. The song ended with Jungkook kissing a rose as he looked back at the audience.  

BTS members on stages together at the BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself tour
Image from Official BTS Facebook​​

V's solo performance of Singularity in the BTS Love Yourself tour was indeed an out-of-body experience. He started his performance off on a huge elevated bed, where he steals your heart with slow, sultry glances at the camera and his smooth vocals. He was outfitted in all black with a long black feather overcoat. His iconic performance included wearing white masks, coat racks, and a single white flower for a beautifully abstract show. 

V sitting on a velvet covered bed during his Singularity performance during the BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself The Final concerts.
Image from All Kpop​​
V in an all black feather jacket holding a white mask during his Singularity performance during the BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself The Final concerts.
Image from Twitter​​

FAKE LOVE has been a fan favorite since the song came out so, of course, the fans went crazy seeing the guys in their all-black outfits for the performance.

Suga's Trivia 轉: Seesaw solo performance was a crowd-pleaser for sure. He started the performance by looking back at the audience before walking through a door that led to a backdrop for a city street. If you look closely, you can see that part of the stage had a built-in treadmill to make it appear that he was walking through the city.  

To this day, fans talk about his iconic red and yellow see-through knitted sweater draped over a black tank top, paired with black jeans and black boots with yellow laces. His laid-back demeanor and slight smirks throughout the performance made his performance seem effortless.

BTS Suga in yellow sweater and holding a microphone during the BTS Love Yourself tour

BTS Jin’s BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself stage set for his song Epiphany was truly unforgettable as he started his performance inside a box that was raining around him. Outfitted in an asymmetrical white suit jacket and black pants, he proved once again why we call him worldwide handsome with how extraordinary he looked. His impeccable vocals and stable high notes stand all on their own every time; this performance was no exception. 

BTS Jin singing in an all-white suit during the Love Yourself Speak Yourself the Final

Jin’s performance seamlessly ran right into the vocal sub-unit song The Truth Untold, where V, Jungkook, and Jimin joined Jin on stage for a visually stunning performance that was literally music to everyone's ears. 

four BTS members signing Truth Untold on stage for the Love Yourself BTS tour
Image from Official BTS Facebook​​

The Outro: Tear performance is one that both BTS and Army hold near and dear because of the song's meaning. It was written when BTS was unclear if they would stay together.  

You can hear the mix of anger, frustration, and sadness within the lyrics. The stage surrounded by flames for the performance further adds to the pure eMotion that went into this song. Tear is a rap sub unit song performed by RM, Suga, and J-Hope. 

Suga, J-Hope, and RM during their performance of Tear during the BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself The Final concerts.
Image from Official BTS Facebook​​

Their next performance was MIC Drop. Their outfits from this performance have been some of the most talked about outfits during the BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself tour. They included bomber jackets, cargo pants, and shirts designed by Dior.  

BTS members performing Mic Drop for the Love Yourself world tour

The guys said it would be their last song, but they quickly jumped into performing IDOL. They brought out smoke guns as they jumped around the stage before getting into position to do the iconic Idol chorus choreography, where they left it all on the stage during the performance.  

BTS took a brief break and did a wardrobe change before coming back onstage for their Encore performance. The Anpanman performance has one of the most fun stage sets, including a huge inflatable play place with a slide. 

The guys were seen climbing up to go down the slide and jumping around it. They all wore Love yourself speak yourself merch apparel during the performance. They kept the energy going with their So What performance.  

BTS Jin and BTS Jungkook taking sliding during the Love Yourself Speak Yourself the Final
Image from Official BTS Facebook​​

Jungkook introduced the performance of Make It Right by saying it was "their song for Army, the ones who make BTS shine." This was also when 'Army Time' happened, and Army held up the official slogan that was prepared for day 1. For every concert, Army comes up with a loving message to give to BTS, and they hold it up for them as they perform. Army's slogan to BTS for Day 1 said, "Because we were together, our value shine." 

For the first time ever, BTS prepared a slogan project for Army that matched the design of the Army slogan. The slogan that BTS prepared for Army that they held up at the end of performing Make It Right said, “Our beginning and end is always you.”

BTS members holding slogans backstage during the BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself
Image from Official BTS Twitter​​
BTS holding up their slogan to Army while sitting on stage that says "Our beginning and end is always you."
Image from Twitter​​

BTS ended their concert with ending ments and a performance of Mikrokosmos. A drone show accompanied the performance with over 300 drones recreating the BTS symbol and other fun shapes like planets and stars. Towards the end of the performance, BTS came around in carts and waved to the audience. 

Drones in the shape of BTS
Image from Soompi​​
BTS coming around on carts to wave to fans at the end of their Love Yourself Speak Yourself The Final concerts.
Image from Weverse​​

Day 2

Day 2 of [The Final] in Seoul was the only day used for a live play viewing shown in cinemas worldwide. In Seoul, they held an "Army Bomb Special Showing" at select theaters where Armys could have their Army Bombs synced with the concert to create a truly immersive experience. You can catch a few of the Day 2 solo performances in the BTS-World Tour 'Love Yourself: Speak Yourself' [The Final] Blue-ray or DVD.

Army's slogan message for BTS was "Let's not let go of each other's hands because we are each other's support." The Day 2 BTS slogan for Army responded to the Army slogan, "Don't worry, we already have each other's support."

BTS at the back stage of their Love Yourself Speak Yourself concert holding slogans
Image from Official BTS Twitter​​
BTS holding up their slogan to Army that says "Don
Image from Twitter​​

Day 3

BTS members raising their hand before bowing to the fans during the  BTS Love Yourself concert
Image from ​​Weverse

Day 3 of [The Final] is presented in the DVD, Blue-ray, and digital code special version offered for purchase. I don't want to give away too much of the surprise that awaits you on the DVD, but know that BTS went out with a bang on their final day of the BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself The Final concerts and the ending ments will remind you why you became an Army in the first place. Prepare tissues before you watch!

Army's slogan to BTS was "Every language that makes you who you are is paradise." The BTS slogan for Army on Day 3 said, "Army are the stars embroidered across the BTS galaxy." 

BTS members in black suits holding up their concert BTS Love Yourself concert
Image from Official BTS Twitter​​
BTS holding up their slogan for Army that says "ARMY are the stars embroidered across the BTS galaxy."
Image from Twitter​​

BTS Speak Yourself Tour Setlist

All 3 days of BTS's Love Yourself Speak Yourself The FInal concerts had the same setlist. What set them apart were the slight variations in their performance wardrobes and the renewed energy they brought to the stage each day.

Drones fly about the Jamsil Olympic Stadium during BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself The Final concerts.
  1. Dionysus
  2. Not Today
  3. Outro: Wings
  4. Trivia 起: Just Dance
  5. Euphoria 
  6. Best of Me
  7. Serendipity
  8. Trivia 承: Love
  9. Boy With Luv
  10. Dope / Silver Spoon / Fire / Run (Song Medley)
  11. Singularity
  13. Trivia 轉: Seesaw
  14. Epiphany
  15. The Truth Untold
  16. Outro: Tear
  17. MIC Drop
  18. IDOL
  19. Anpanman (Encore performances start)
  20. So What
  21. Make It Right
  22. Mikrokosmos

The End of the Love Yourself Era

After completing a back-to-back BTS Love Yourself tour that spanned 14 countries and included 62 memorable performances, it was time for the Love Yourself Era to end. With songs like Answer: Love Myself, where the members of BTS define what loving themselves means with out-of-this-world cosmic metaphors, and Magic Shop providing a safe space for both BTS and Army so they can love themselves and each other, a journey of self-healing and self-acceptance were realized through the power of music.  

If you've gone to any BTS concert, you know that they almost always end their shows with a spectacular fireworks display. This is intentional so that while they are nearing the end of telling their fans goodbye, they can slowly slip away backstage. Saying goodbye is bittersweet to both BTS and Army, so it allows them to still find a reason to smile and be happy, despite having to say goodbye at the show's end. 

The guys asked Army to watch the sky as the fireworks mimicked the stars in the sky. With BTS's slogan to Army on Day 3 exclaiming that Army is the stars in BTS's galaxy, it brings it home that they would end the Love Yourself Era with an extravagant fireworks show in the Seoul night sky. 

Although the concert was over and BTS was parting ways with Army, it was already understood that we would always be by each other's side no matter what. If we needed the strength of the other to love ourselves, the Magic Shop would always be open to provide that. 

Where Can I Watch the BTS Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final] Concerts?

If you didn't get a chance to see BTS live for their Love Yourself Speak Yourself The Final concerts, you can take a piece of the magic that is a BTS concert home with you with one of three versions of the concert viewing. You can choose from a BTS-World Tour 'Love Yourself: Speak Yourself' [The Final] Blue-ray or DVD. You can also opt for a digital code that can be used to watch the concert through the Weverse mobile APP, on the Weverse website on your PC, or on the Weverse TV app.  

The package includes a digipack, 3 discs, a photobook, a folded poster, a photo bookmark set, and one random photocard. Subtitles for the discs are available in Korean, English, and Chinese. 

Disc 1 includes Day 3 performances of the songs Dionysus, Not Today, Outro: WIngs, Trivia 起 : Just Dance, Euphoria, Best of Me, Serendipity, Trivia 承 : Love, Boy with Luv, Dope, Silver Spoon, Burning Up (FIRE), RUN, Singularity, FAKE LOVE, Trivia 轉 : Seesaw, Epiphany, The Truth Untold, Tear, MIC Drop, and IDOL.

Disc 2 Includes performances from Day 3 of the songs Anpanman, So What, Make It Right, and Mikrokosmos. It also includes Day 2 Solo performances of Trivia 起 : Just Dance. Euphoria, Srendipibity, Trivia 承 : Love, Singularity, Trivia 轉 : Seesaw, and Epiphany.

Disc 3 includes additional footage entitled Making Film, Practice Making Film, Rehearsal Making Film, D-day Making Film, and LY & SY Tour Highlight Commentary. 

Where Can I Buy BTS Merch?

If you've been wondering where to buy BTS merch, wonder no more. The Daebak Company has an official BTS merch shop with all the exclusive BTS merch you've been trying to get your hands on. 

Feeling nostalgic about seeing the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour or just looking to complete your BTS album collection? Grab the Love Yourself: Tear album, and the Love Yourself: Her album, and see if you get your bias's photocard! Then enjoy the repackaged Love Yourself: 結 Answer album that comes in four different versions: 'S,' 'E,' 'L,' and 'F.' 

Need more BTS content to get you through these next two years until BTS resumes group activities in 2025? The Daebak Magazine has many articles to get your Borahae heart pumping. And why not start planning your trip to Korea while you're at it so you can experience the greatness of the Land of the Morning Calm. 


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