Capturing the Daily Lives with 7 BTS Vlogs

Capturing the Daily Lives with 7 BTS Vlogs - The Daebak Company

Who doesn't get excited when their Kpop group is back with exciting news, the cutest and most amazing official merch in your favorite kpop shop?

BTS brought new content for ARMY, where you can see them perform different activities alone. Travel, cooking, and more activities were carried out by the members in their vlogs, and here we tell you everything about it.

The BTS members are venturing into activities related to their solo albums and other individual projects. However, this does not mean they will be on hiatus. They will still do group activities and, at the same time, get into individual career goals. But they know you miss seeing them frequently in YouTube videos, which is why they prepared this weekly surprise for their fans.

BTS Vlogs 2022 to Watch

BTS VLOG was one of the surprises for ARMYs in 2022. In this new weekly series for the fandom, each BTS member presented a video in which a different facet was seen from the one they show as global superstars of k- pop.

Each video was released on consecutive Saturdays, starting on July 9th and ending on August 20th. One detail to keep in mind is that each BTS VLOG video came with its respective hashtags, so you could follow the premiere using them on social networks.

1. BTS V Vlog- The Drive Vlog (July 9)

Taehyung planned to take ARMY to a "Drive Vlog" where fans could observe a calm and relaxed vibe. BTS V also listened to some of his favorite music and carried a camera to record every spontaneous activity he did that day. 

We even had the opportunity to accompany him to the dentist and enjoy exquisite dishes he could taste during the journey! 

His hashtags were #GoingOnAFreeTravelWithoutADestination, #PlaylistComingSoon and, #BoiledVbimbap

2. BTS J-Hope Vlog: The Confident Vlog (July 16)

To the surprise of fans, “Jack in the box” is BTS J-Hope's first solo album, which was revealed on July 7 by HYBE. It is this entire recording and preparation process that Hobi shares with us in a behind-the-scenes way.  

All his love and enthusiasm for his new projects are reflected in the beautiful energy he transmits to his fans.

#ArsonModeThatStartedSinceIWasInLV #StartedPreparingPreparationEnded and, #Arson were his hashtags

3. BTS Jimin Vlog - The Bracelet Workshop Vlog (July 23)

Are you a person who likes to wear some jewelry pieces or a fan of handmade jewelry? Well, that's your opportunity to learn with Jimin through his vlog, a cute bracelet workshop that includes ASMR (a tingling and calming sensation that some people report experiencing in response to certain audio or visual stimuli).

#OneAndOnlyBraceletInTheWorld,#SawAndAHammerAndCrafstmanship and, #NotConstructionSiteButWorkshopASMR were his hashtags

4. BTS RM Vlog - The Art Museum Vlog (July 30)

Do you enjoy traveling, discovering new places, and visiting museums? An idea is fascinating if you enjoy this kind of activity to help you relax, switch off and escape into beautiful landscapes. 

You probably made a match with Namjoon because viewers fell in love with him while watching his video. BTS RM showed through his vlog a lovely day in Basel city, Switzerland, and his good passion for art.

#OnlineArtMuseumTour, #ArtWorkNatureAndBeer, and#AnnoyingFox were RM’s hashtags 

5. BTS Jungkook Vlog - TheCamping Vlog (August 6)

Get ready for some adventures with the golden magnate who went camping in this clip! For almost 46 minutes, JK boards the car and makes his way to the camping site, talking and making a stop to get some food before coming to his destination near the sea. 

He soon sets up the camp while grooving to PSY ft Suga’s That That, gets some food, and starts the fire, not without before roaming around the beach for some time. Also, he talked about the song he wrote for ARMY, “My You.”

Jungkook choose #ThisIsCamping (Historical), #TypicalKorean_GotSpaceForFriedRice and, #SpacedOutWithAnAuroraFire as his hashtags

6. BTS Jin Vlog - Cooking Vlog (August 13)

Accompanied by chef Lee Yeon-bok, BTS Jin decided to take a cooking class, showing his fans how talented he is. During the vlog, Jin shared with viewers that he became good friends with the chef, despite their age difference. He visits him constantly, and they go for dinner and drinks together. 

A pleasant talk where we learned a little more about the idol, where finally Jin showed how he cooked a dish that could form the BTS logo and the ARMY logo, letting us know that he always has the group and his fans in mind at all times.

A funny hashtag by Jin: #CookingIndeedIsBestWhenHandmade, #LifeHacks_WhenTheFoodBurns and, #HavaADrinkWithShrimpToast

7. BTS Suga Vlog - The Woodworking Workshop Vlog (August 20)

A carpentry workshop can sound interesting if you're a fan of making some handmade furniture. On this occasion, BTS Suga preferred to learn something new and bring the fans along a creative journey in his vlog with cute whales in wood.

Yoongi had very funny moments and revealed some details we didn't know about him, such as the fact that he always wanted to take carpentry classes since he likes assembling furniture.

#AProminentWoodworker, #LargeOutputOfGifts and, #QuiteTiringLabour_RealLifeExperience

Where to Watch BTS VLOG?

You can enjoy BTS VLOG videos and more content from these talented guys on their BANGTANTV YouTube channel. 

What does ARMY mean?

If you're a new fan of BTS, you're probably wondering what "ARMY" means and why these boys call their fans this way.

ARMY was established as BTS' fandom name on July 9, 2013, soon after the release of the band's first single album, "2 Cool 4 Skool." The name of the fandom is an acronym for the phrase "Adorable Representative MC for Youth" since it should be noted that, in South Korea, program hosts are called MCs.

Do you want to know more about BTS and their official merch? Continue reading our blogs and visiting to inform you of the latest trends about South Korea and your favorite artists. 


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