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Have you ever wondered what your favorite Hallyu stars would be doing if they were not idols? Like the latest blockbuster, Everything Everywhere All at Once, imagine if your favorite Korean idols had the chance to use their powers to hop into their own multiverses. What careers would they be pursuing instead?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top Korean idols in the industry, from Kpop idols to Kdrama stars, to look at what they would be doing if they had the opportunity to teleport away from their current alphaverse.


BTS is back with their album PROOF

The star-studded Korean idols male septet is taking over the world with their musical talents, and now with their latest PROOF comeback, everyone gets a piece of their discography. But have you ever wondered what they would be if they were not in the music industry? Let's get to know what they would be doing if they were not Kpop idols.

RM: Our favorite Kpop leader once stated that he would be a businessman if not in the music industryputting that 148 IQ to good use!

Jin: In a Jimmy Fallon segment, Jin stated that he would have been a farmer if not a Kpop idol. We know that Jin also went to school for acting and film studies from previous news, making him a man with many talents. 

Suga: His answer has changed a bit within different interviews, but music production and architecture are the two main careers he usually talks about. We can see that Suga definitely has the talents for outstanding music production, but architecture may be a new surprise to fans! To see Suga show off his architecture knowledge, check out BTS's variety show, Run BTS, episodes 148 and 149.

J-Hope: If you have been following BTS for a while now, you’ll know from many interviews, Run BTS episodes, and Bangtan Bombs that J-Hope loves to say that he would have pursued a professional tennis career. He also loves to mention how he once won a bronze medal for tennis out of 3 teams. What an accomplishment!

Jimin: Our favorite dancing mochi had dreams of joining the police force when he was younger. Since taking contemporary dance classes, he has then shifted his dreams to becoming a performer, which he has achieved today.

V: As he grew up in a farming background, V may have become a farmer if he hadn’t auditioned for BigHit Entertainment (now under HYBE labels). He has also talked about becoming a professional saxophone player and photographer as alternate careers.

Jungkook: Multitalented Jungkook has mentioned that he would have become a professional gamer or an athlete if not a Hallyu performer. Whatever career he chooses, we know that our golden maknae would be the best at it!


The talented quintet turned the world upside down with their single Run Away, and now, their Minisode 2: Thursday's Child landed them in No.1 on Billboard's Top Album Sales chart as of May 28, 2022. Before all these outstanding achievements, TXT members revealed their potential alternative job paths in a Q&A session during their 2021 Dream Week anniversary broadcast. Their answers may surprise you!

Soobin: Our dashing leader said he would want to go into the psychology of linguistic fields, as he has always been very interested in languages. However, he also mentioned that he is still looking into trying a multitude of different hobbies out and may have not settled down on one specific field if he did not become a Kpop idol.

Yeonjun: Artistry runs in his veins! Yeonjun has said that he explored becoming a cartoonist in the past but chose to stay in performance. As he grew less passionate about drawing, he grew more passionate about dancing. In the Q&A, he said, "I loved to dance so much that I thought I'd be happy if I could just be a dancer."

Beomgyu: Beomgyu had a broader approach to the question and said that he would probably just be doing part-time jobs like his friends back in Daegu. 

Taehyun: When Taehyun was asked, he revealed, "If I could be born again, I'd be a boxer." Could you imagine Taehyun as a professional boxer? He said that if he could not go into boxing or singing, he would probably be working towards attending an excellent secondary school and obtaining a good job. He also mentioned that his idea of a good job was becoming a wizard, which made his members chuckle.

Huening Kai: Last but not least, our maknae said that he would have continued to pursue journalism or be in a band! We would love to see that happen too!


Blackpink is one of the biggest Korean female idols

Arguably one of the biggest Korean female idols on the planet, Blackpink has broken record after record throughout their careers, dominating music charts with every comeback. But did you know that none of the members had dreams of becoming a Kpop idol when they were younger? Discover what the 4 members originally wanted to pursue career-wise instead!

Jisoo: Jisoo revealed that she wanted to become an author and was very open to exploring various themes and genres to write about. We love a literature queen!

Jennie: Next up is Jennie, and with her history of ballet, she first wanted to become a ballerina. Growing up, her interest changed over to music, which motivated her to want to become a singer (as we see today!). However, if either career path did not work out, she would have taken up photography instead.

Rose: With her artistic interests, Rose originally wanted to become an art teacher. She loves to draw, and with her sweet personality, it’s clear that she would have done well in that career!

Lisa: And lastly, with her stunning looks, our maknae Lisa said she would have become a model or photographer (just like Jennie!) if she didn’t become an idol. As we see in the present day, Lisa achieved both of her dreams of becoming an idol and a model. 



Have you tuned to the song ASAP? It's become one of the best K-pop songs to jam in the summer season, and we just can't get over it! Besides STAYC's bop and breakthrough songs, their talents in singing and dancing just made SWITHs swoon over their comebacks! Before their next album comes out, get to know more about what they want to do if they weren't Kpop idols.

Sumin: First with our fantastic leader Sumin, she has stated in the past that if she wasn’t an idol, she would be an office worker and run a Youtube at the same time! Sumin was destined to be in the spotlight!

Sieun: Our stunning main vocalist Sieun would pursue an artistic career if not an idol. Though it is very hard to imagine her not being a singer, she said that some alternate careers she would be interested in are ballet and playing the piano.

Isa: If you couldn’t guess by her strong interest in fashion, this superstar would go into the fashion industry if she was not an idol! 

Seeun: Seeun has revealed that she would become a screenwriter for dramas. She often spends her free time thinking about storylines when she watches her favorite Kdramas!

Yoon: For Yoon, she has mentioned that she enjoys building things and would probably go into a woodworking career path! 

J: Lastly, J revealed that she would have become a zookeeper if she was not an idol. She has a strong love for animals, and some of her favorite animals include reptiles such as lizards and snakes!


South Korea’s Sweetheart IU

South Korea’s Sweetheart IU is a multitalented Hallyu star with a serenading voice and superb acting skills! Some of the works you may have seen her in include “Hotel Del Luna” and “Persona.”

In an interview with Dingo Music, she revealed that she would most likely be doing part-time jobs if she wasn’t in the entertainment industry. I couldn’t imagine the Hallyu wave without IU!

Cha Eunwoo From Astro

Cha Eunwoo From Astro

You may have seen Eunwoo in popular Kdramas such as “My ID is Gangnam Beauty,” “True Beauty,” and “Revenge Note 1”. He also doubles as a Kpop vocalist in the group Astro!

This beloved performer revealed that he initially did not want to be in the entertainment industry. Instead, he looked into professions such as a doctor, judge, and prosecutor. Eunwoo is brains and beauty. He’s the whole package!

Kim Seonho

breakout actor Kim Seonho

This breakout actor first starred in the drama “Good Manager” but quickly rose to stardom in his feature role in the hit Kdrama, “Start Up.” You may have seen him in his other popular screen projects like “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” “2 Days and 1 Night”, and “Run On.”

With his charming personality, it’s hard not to fall in love with his dashing looks and his on-screen persona in his romance Kdrama roles. If he was not a mainstream Kdrama actor, he would continue acting in smaller play productions. 

Did anyone on this list surprise you with their occupations? In another multiverse, some of these idols would venture off into entirely different professions, while others would stay within the realm of creative expression. Want to know where to buy Kpop merch online to keep up with your favorite idols? Visit The Daebak Company for the latest updates in the Hallyu community! 

Written by Jolie Tran 

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