BLACKPINK, ATEEZ, ITZY, & More: Kpop Tours In USA 2022 (Fall Edition)

BLACKPINK, ATEEZ, ITZY, & More: Kpop Tours In USA 2022 (Fall Edition) - The Daebak Company


After many kpop groups and solo artists had to cancel their US tours during the pandemic, there has been an uproar of kpop tours in USA in 2022 announcements. Many groups are also touring around the world for the first time. 

With groups like TXT and Seventeen having embarked on their North American tours this past summer, many groups still have stops planned in the US for this fall.

Below is a list of several kpop groups and solo artists heading out on their kpop tours in the United States in the last few months of 2022.

Keep reading to discover if your favorite group or solo artist will be making a stop in their kpop tours in USA near you!

How Do You Get Tickets For K-pop Concerts?

You can buy most kpop tours USA tickets are sold at It also depends on the state they will have their concerts. Fans can also get their tickets from StubHub, Vivid Seats, and Seat Geek. 

How Much Are K-pop Concert Tickets In The US?

The ticket prices depend on the kpop artists' demand, tour location, and more factors. You can buy tickets for as low as $30, but some starting prices are $200 and up. 

Kpop Tours In USA 2022: OCTOBER

kpop concerts 2022 usa for OMEGA X
@omegax_official on Instagram​​

OMEGA X: [CONNECT :Don’t give up], October 1 - October 23

OMEGA X began their “Connect :Don’t give up” US tour in Boston on October 1st, where they had previously toured across Latin America throughout September. The eleven-member boy group is set to wrap up their US tour on October 23rd in Los Angeles, California, the last of the twelve cities they are touring in the United States.

Mark Tuan: The Other Side, October 3 - November 6

The oldest member of the male idol group GOT7 is set to tour thirteen US cities during October and November, including his hometown Los Angeles for his final stop. Since leaving JYP Entertainment along with the rest of his members in January of 2021, Mark has released many singles and, most recently, his 2022 album, ‘the other side,’ which boasts 20 songs.

JAMIE: One Bad Night, October 10 - October 23

The singer-songwriter and variety personality is set to make stops in five US cities, as well as Toronto and Vancouver, for her 2022 North American Tour. Having gained immense international popularity while MCing on the variety show "After School Club," JAMIE has continued her success through her solo music career, in which she has been releasing her own music since 2016. 

With her chart-topping songs like 'Pity Party,' and having done global collaborations with artists like David Guetta, it's no surprise that she continues to gain worldwide popularity. 

AleXa: AleXa U.S.Tour, October 18 - October 30

Except for stopping in Puerto Rico on October 20th, AleXa kicks off her US kpop tour 2022 in Jersey City on October 18th and will make a total of 7 stops in cities across the US. 

After winning first place this past year on NBC’s “American Song Contest,” where she represented her home state Oklahoma, the kpop star has been on the rise both in the US and South Korea. AleXa has made appearances at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards and on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

BLACKPINK: “Born Pink” World Tour, October 25 - November 19

The four-member girl group will stop in seven cities and play ten US shows for their “Born Pink” World Tour, starting in Houston on October 25th and ending on November 19th in Los Angeles. Fans will get to see the group perform their newest tracks off of their album of the same name and maybe even hear Rosé and Lisa perform their recent solo projects live, in person, for the first time.

ITZY: CHECKMATE, October 26 - November 13

ITZY members in pastel outfits on Instagram​​

This fourth-gen girl group under JYP Entertainment will embark on their first world tour with “Checkmate.” Named after their most recently released album, the five-member group will be stopping in eight US cities over the course of eighteen days for their Checkmate World Tour.  

Kpop Tours In USA 2022: NOVEMBER

KIM WOOJIN: ‘STILL DREAM’, November 3 - November 13

With his most recent release being his 2021 album ‘The moment : a minor.’, KIM WOOJIN is set to tour the United States for the first time this November. His stops in the US include Jersey City, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

ATEEZ: [THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL], November 7 - November 28

The eight-member group under KQ Entertainment is coming to the US this November for their ‘[THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL]’ World Tour. The group will stop in six different cities and have a total of eight US shows while they tour North America. After the release of their latest album, ‘THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT,’ they have continued to gain worldwide popularity and success for their complex choreographies and powerful vocals. 

SF9: LIVE FANTASY #4 DELIGHT TOUR, November 30 - December 10

kpop concerts in USA 2022 schedule for SF9
@sf9official on Instagram​​

SF9 recently announced their US tour, which will take place across five cities between November 30th and December 10th. The nine-member boy group, which will be touring as six due to military service obligations and scheduling conflicts, has gained popularity for their appearances on survival shows such as ‘Kingdom: Legendary War,’ as well as through their many idol-turned-actor members, including Dawon, Rowoon, and Chani, Hwiyoung, and Inseong. The group released their eleventh mini album, titled ‘THE WAVE OF9,’ this past July. 

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