Meet the 9 Line Friends Characters: The Most Iconic Characters in Korea

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The LINE FRIENDS characters are one of the most iconic and recognizable character lines among all Korean characters. But who are the individual line friends, and what are they like? Let’s find out and meet the line friends!

Line Friends Characters

Line Friends Brown

Brown is a LINE FRIENDS brown bear character. At first glance, he might not seem all that happy or friendly, but he is a really kind friend. Although he is a quiet character, he is quick to offer support or a listening ear to a friend in need. He likes Cony a lot and is the older brother of Choco.

He is one of the most popular characters in LINE FRIENDS; you can find LINE FRIENDS Brown plush everywhere! Here are a couple of items on The Daebak Company's LINE FRIENDS store online.

Line Friends Cony

Cony is a white rabbit that is very fond of Brown. She loves spending time with him, and he makes her very excited that you can find a Brown and Cony LINE FRIENDS collection everywhere! 

She is still quite cheery when they are apart. She is a happy and cheerful bunny with a smile on her face, making her one of the LINE FRIENDS Korea favorites. 

Line Friends Sally

All LINE characters are adorable, and one of the cutest characters is Sally, a cute, neutral-faced, yellow duck. While her expression might be neutral, her personality is not! She is a bright and joyful character and is loved by her friends. She is full of ideas, both intelligent and crazy too. 

She is fun to be around and keeps you guessing. She's tiny, so she especially enjoys spending time with Leonard, another tiny member of the line friends. With so many Sally items from The Daebak Company's LINE FRIENDS shop, you can add more to your LINE FRIENDS plush collection and more!

Line Friends Choco

Choco is a bear character that is just as sweet as her name would suggest. She loves eating sweets too! She can be a bit timid at first, but once she warms up to you, she is a fun person to be around and easy to get along with. 

He is one of the most popular characters in LINE FRIENDS; you can find LINE FRIEND Brow plush everywhere! Here are a couple of items on The Daebak Company's LINE FRIENDS store online.

Line Friends Moon

Moon is a guy that looks like the moon, hence the name. He’s a bit mysterious, as no one really knows where he came from. However, he is loved just the same by his friends. He’s funny and can use his humor to cheer up any room.

Line Friends Leonard

Leonard is a cute and tiny frog! He is one of the more expressive line friends. He always sports a big smile, loves singing in the rain, and spends time with his friends, especially Sally.

Line Friends Pangyo

Pangyo is a fun giant panda. He is a little bit lazy, but don’t worry, he doesn’t sleep the whole day away. In fact, when he’s not snoozing, he likes to make fun of interesting things. He spends his days cheery and at ease. He is especially fond of Choco and loves spending time with her.

Line Friends Boss

Boss is a character that stands out from the rest of the line friends. He is a boss and office worker, but don’t worry. He’s a nice boss. He might not be a character that you would expect to be one of the line friends, but he always shows up and ensures everyone has a good time.

Line Friends James

James is another standout character. He has blonde hair and a piercing facial expression. So, he looks more like he should be an anime or manhwa character than a part of the LINE FRIENDS. He’s a little bit full of himself and tries to seem cool. However, his personality makes it apparent that he’s a true LINE FRIEND! He seems tough at first, but he’s actually quite soft.

The LINE FRIENDS are super lovable, and it’d be hard not to have a favorite after reading about them. Want to bring your favorite line friend home with you? Check out all of the LINE FRIENDS merchandise that the Daebak company has. We have LINE FRIENDS plushes, pens, mugs, and more!


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